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MX-16 is great

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 2:50 pm
by Mauser
I did a fresh install of MX-16 from using prior MX-16 and I like the improvements. The MX team is doing a great job. Even though I had issues migrating from MX-15 to MX-16, the MX team and other users have been very helpful and the MX team stands by their creation unlike my previous distro experience with Manjaro and their sarcastic dopey I don't care team. Thank you MX team for doing a great job and making MX even better.

Re: MX-16 is great

Posted: Fri Dec 23, 2016 3:49 am
by boruch
Hi everyone. New MX user here. Although I see that the thread has become a discussion about firewalls, [EDIT: This has since been fixed by the site moderators] since the topic thread topic is "MX-16 is great", I feel justified in hijacking it to discuss . . . why "MX-16 is great". This is coming from a long-time debian user, who bolted to manjaro-openrc when debian went systemd.

So here are things that I appreciated about MX-16, about which I wanted to give the developers some positive feedback:

1) The installer: I appreciated its lack of eye-candy in the form of multimedia, enjoyed its method of presenting options and the level of detail it offered, was impressed at the speed with which it performed the install, and was relieved that it performed its grub installation competently, correctly recognizing other operating systems on the evaluation machine.

2) The default theme: I appreciated so much that it was dark, and that it worked in instances that dark themes on other distros don't. One example is how it competently follows keyboard tabbing in the xfce menu. I also appreciated that there was more than one dark theme available, and more than one icon theme available (the default icon theme I'm not happy with).

3) The default vertically placed xfce panel is a nice touch and smart for wide screen displays. Good move.

4) and I wouldn't have considered even looking at MX if it had been a systemd distro.

Great work, guys/gals.

Now to find some other place on the forum for some critical constructive feedback. Ciao.

Re: MX-16 is great

Posted: Fri Dec 23, 2016 8:56 am
by linexer2016
I hope this post is in the correct board. As a new (about a month) user of MX16, I quickly saw that this distro is excellent. I note that distrowatch has it ranked at around 75 at the moment and it appears to be growing in popularity (at least in that forum). I have myself been recommending the distro to others and am happy to say at least three people to whom I've recommended the distro have become new users. Keep up the very good work all you who continue to make this the excellent distro that it is.