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Guide - How to ask for help

Posted: Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:23 pm
by richb
One of the main purposes of the MX Linux Forum is to help people solve problems. To get the maximum chance for getting a good answer, please follow this guide on how to ask for help. This is presented with this in mind only, to help you get help, not to impose unreasonable and restrictive rules.

Guide on How to ask for Help

Do some research first. Refer to the Manual, Link at the top of the forum or ALT-F1 at the desktop, and the wiki, tab at the top of this forum. Very often others have had the same problem and it is covered in these documents.

Choose a title that is descriptive of your problem.
Won't start - Bad Title
System boots to a terminal -Good Title

Give a detailed description of the problem, including:
The version of MX you are using including whether it is 32 bit or 64 bit.
Any error messages.
What application(s) you were running.
OS state you were in, example, at the LightDM login screen.
What error occurred.

Anything you attempted to correct the problem, and what affect the attempted fix had, if any.

The hardware specifications of your machine. If it is a video problem obviously the video card is important. At times it may not be clear what component may be the problem so give as much detail on hardware as possible. The preferred way to provide this information is Quick System Info available from the menu. When you click on it the system information is copied to the clipboard. Then paste into your post. Another method using a script called inxi. For detailed information on how to use this script, please refer to System Spec Information.

Please ask politely, avoiding derogatory statements about MX, MX Linux Forum members, or other operating systems, whether Linux, Microsoft, or Apple. A statement like Windows does this better is not helpful to someone trying to solve your problem on MX. Many may have solutions that are unusable or do not apply, but try to remain polite and patient.

When and if a solution is found that satisfies you, mark the thread Solved. Click on the pencil at the top right of your first post and edit the title adding [Solved].

If you have any suggestions on improving this guide please let us know so we can make it as helpful as possible.