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Live MX-18 image on USB fails to boot on iMac

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Re: Live MX-18 image on USB fails to boot on iMac


Post by Z80 » Mon May 20, 2019 7:06 pm

Thanks for that suggestion, it worked! :happy:

Based on your advice, I updated to the latest version of Live-USB-Maker, and tried again, using the 18.2 iso as the source file, and this time, the results were much better.

The graphical grub menu appeared without any error message, and I was able to boot into MX-Linux without resorting to the grub command line, and the environment was set as follows:

root = hd1, msdos1
prefix = (hd1, msdos2)/boot/grub
cmdpath = (hd1, msdos2)/EFI/BOOT

But I discovered that there is still a problem with the Memory Test menu entry. It still contains the incorrect command, set root = (hd0,2), and results in an error when selecting its menu option. Then, because it leaves root set to the wrong disk, if I then try to select one of the MX-Linux grub menu options, they too then fail.

So, it seems that the problem is 90% fixed in the latest version of the live-usb-maker, but the Memory Test grub menu entry still needs work.

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