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Internet Explorer under WINE

Here you can post threads/topics about programs like vmware, parallels, qemu, virtualbox, dosbox and all the other virtual machines/emulators that exist. This includes how to setup, suggestions on what works well with MEPIS and what doesn't, etc.
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Re: Internet Explorer under WINE


Post by antiX-Dave » Mon Aug 25, 2014 1:11 pm

JimC wrote:As already mentioned by antiX-Dave earlier in this thread, using PlayOnLinux is the easiest way to install Internet Explorer. More about it here:


Get it here:


It's great for that kind of thing, as you'll have a nice GUI that lets you pick the version of IE you want to install and gives you an easy to use Wizard to install it (and all needed libraries for it), and it will setup a separate container for it (PlayOnLinux virtualizes that kind of thing) with it's own Wine version, any needed libraries, etc.

I've found it to be extremely useful for installing Windows applications, since each one can have it's own windows environment, registries, settings, fonts, wine version, needed libraries, etc.; with PlayOnLinux handling those installs inside of separate virtual containers for you. So, you can have multiple virtual instances of wine running using it, with different wine versions, libaries, settings, etc.; all without impacting the wine version you have installed in your system by default (and it downloads everything for you when you use it's wizard, pick an app you want to install, just by following the prompts)

Is there a specific version of IE needed? If not, I'd stick with IE 7, as it's more reliable than newer versions under Wine. But, IE 8 is also supported if absolutely needed. Click on the Internet Section to see versions supported:

Even easier if you download it through the repo as I do....
as ROOT in terminal:
type: apt-get update
type: apt-get -f install playonlinux
menu --> run
type: playonlinux
press: ok

In play on linux
click: install application
click: internet
click: ie version
follow prompts till installed.....
once installed click: run

That should be about it and except for the first time I installed IE, it has been the way I have always done it. :D


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