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MEPIS 12/MX 14 Community Repo: The Gscan2pdf Thread

News about updates on package status for CR packages compiled for MEPIS 12.0
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MEPIS 12/MX 14 Community Repo: The Gscan2pdf Thread


Post by Stevo » Sat Feb 06, 2016 4:45 pm

We now have gscan2pdf 1.3.7 in the test repository.
It's a simple GUI to let the user easily convert scanned pages to PDF or DejaVu documents.

Here's the list of changes since 1.2.6

1.3.7 (20.01.2016):

* Fixed check that pages have been saved
* Fixed scan->rotate->unpaper->OCR chaining (again). Closes:
bug #213 (Cant call method freeze on an undefined value)
bug #215 (thanks to Alastair for testing)
* Filter out memory address from unpaper warning. Closes bug #205
(Gscan2pdf problem with unpaper 6.2) and Debian bug #807565
(Unpaper error dialog cannot be hidden permanently)
* Ensure that process numbering is properly reinitialised when queue is empty.
* Fixed error importing PDF with more than 999 pages. However, this exposed the
problem that each page is held as an open temporary file and that the system
can run out of file handles somewhere after 1000.

1.3.6 (20.12.2015):

* Use simplified tesseract call for tesseract >= 3.02.02. Closes patch #15
(Simplifying Tesseract call in Tesseract.pm). Thanks to Wikinaut for the patch
* Add completion for author, title, subject & keyword metadata
* Store the list of pages to be saved on hitting the save button, not waiting to
choose the filename. Closes Debian bug #648627
(post-dialog selection changes influence which pages are saved)
* Fixed progress text when importing files with multiple pages
* Some scanners activate paper-width and paper-height only for the ADF, and thus
send "invalid argument" when setting the paper size for the flatbed. Trap this
by also testing whether these options are active when setting the paper size.
* When scanning "all" pages, but only a finite number are possible, report this
in the progress bar.
* Update list of available paper sizes after every option reload, as different
sources (e.g. flatbed, ADF) support different geometries
* Update list of rpm dependencies in .spec files (Closes support-requests #15)
* Update to Danish translation (thanks to AputsiaÄž Niels Janussen)
* Update to French translation (thanks to Jean-Marc)
* Update to Hebrew translation (thanks to Lior David)

1.3.5 (07.10.2015):

* Add prepend and append to PDF save options.
* Use new threading philosophy for scanning thread.
* Fix bug applying profiles with duplicated or invalid options
* Selecting single-sided pages also selects facing page. Closes bug #206
(Selecting 1-sided/front after 2-sided/back has a logical problem)
* Fixed scan->unpaper->OCR chaining.
* Changed defaults so that unpaper does not run by default after scanning.
* Enabled hours, minutes and seconds in filename template.
Closes patch #12 (Enable hours, minutes and seconds in default filename).
Thanks to Jason Kankiewicz for the patch.
* Update to German translation (thanks to Tobias Bannert)
* Update to Slovak translation (thanks to Dusan Kazik)

1.3.4 (04.08.2015):

* Fix startup crash due to incorrect MessageDialog type and buttons

1.3.3 (01.08.2015):

* Suppress warnings when passed boolean as empty string
Closes LP: #844582 ("Invalid argument" when trying to scan)
* Moved config file format to JSON. JSON::PP is a core module,
so this does not create a new dependency.
* + option not to show dialog messages
* Trap errors from unpaper, rotate, crop, threshold, negate, unsharp
processing tools
Closes bug #198 (empty pages when saving, GIMP, or printing)
* Removed dependency on liblinux-distribution-perl as not available on FreeBSD
* Also support gconftool-2 when checking for email client
Closes bug #200 (it doesn't attach on Fedora 21 (with thunderbird))
* Update to German translation (thanks to Tobias Bannert)
* Fixed program hang importing an empty file at the same time as other files
* Rewrite threading system to simplify it and remove many race conditions
* Fixed bug setting threshold-before-ocr check box

1.3.2 (13.05.2015):

* Fixed program hang displaying save dialog

1.3.1 (10.05.2015):

* Fixed bug saving PDF after thresholding
* Warn if less free space in session directory than limit set in preferences
* Fix defaults for unpaper and output-pages<->layout misalignment
* Where available in the OCR output, use the full page/column/para/line/word
hiearchy in the djvu text layer. Closes bug #191
(Exported DjVu with Tesseract OCR miss a lot of structure infos)
* Remove corrupt element from session after importing. Closes bug #195
(Any operation after opening a saved session crashes the program)
* Basque translation (thanks to gorkaazk)
* Update to German translation (thanks to Tobias Bannert)
* Update to Russian translation (thanks to Aleksey Kabanov)

1.3.0 (30.01.2015):

* Avoid leading & trailing spaces in filename expanded from template
Closes bugs #172 & #169 and Debian bug #774099.
Thanks to Peter Marschall for the patch.
* Various GUI improvements.
Closes Debian #774093 (various consistency updates for dialogs)
Thanks to Peter Marschall for the patch.
* Improvements to the display of OCR output.
Closes Debian #774094 (misc. improvements for OCR'ed texts)
Thanks to Peter Marschall for the patch.
* More improvements to date metadata widget
Closes Debian #774103 (fixes for date offset calculation)
Thanks to Peter Marschall for the patch.
* + metadata for DjVu. Closes Debian #774097 (when saving as DjVU, use MetaData)
Thanks to Peter Marschall for the patch.
* Refactored logging of OCR dependencies.
Closes Debian #710428
(Add "Found ocropus" to log information on application start)
* Catch many filesystem errors
* Return in one of the entry widgets in the the save dialog hits the
save button.

1.2.7 (23.11.2014):

* Use date from entry rather than calendar widget.
Closes bug #183 (Date not used)
* Use icons for 'email as PDF' and the hand tool designed by Andreas E.
Closes LP: #1197264 (wrong icons in toolbar)
* + threshold as part of OCR process
* Fix bug saving encoded characters in hOCR
* Fix bug saving defaults that are not part of a profile
* Add scrollbars to the 'Page Options' tab to make the scan button visible on
screens that are shorter than the scan dialog.
Closes bug #188 'Scan Document dialogue too big'
* Fix crash on start if tesseract is not installed
* Fix button display in Tools > Unsharp Mask
Closes Debian bug #769823
(menu entry Tools > Unsharp Mask lacks OK & Cancel buttons)
* Finnish translation (thanks to tjamob)
* Update to Czech translation (thanks to Pavel Borecki)
* Update to French translation (thanks to Christophe CHAUVET)
* Update to German translation (thanks to Tobias Bannert)
* Update to Greek translation (thanks to SiliconDreams)
* Update to Polish translation (thanks to Piotr Strębski)
* Update to Russian translation (thanks to Eugene Marshal)
* Update to Spanish translation (thanks to Max lenders)

1.2.6 (27.09.2014):

* Fix support for tesseract 3.02, broken by commit ae76b3cf.
* Changed 'save text' to extract plain text from hOCR output
* + 'save hOCR', to save hOCR output, where available.
* Fixed logic of automatic selection of blank or dark pages.
* If an error occurs whilst opening a device, remove it from the device list
and try the next, rather than giving up straight away.
* Added text entry for date on save dialogs.
Closes feature-requests #81 (option to manualy keyin date (or at least year)
* Added device blacklist
* Fixed add paper button. Closes bug #178 (unable to add geometries)
* Increase maximum page number to 9999
Feature request 82 (Scanning documents that are 1000 pages or more)

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Re: MEPIS 12/MX 14 Community Repo: The Gscan2pdf Thread


Post by v3g4n » Sun Jul 31, 2016 2:14 pm

gscan2pdf_1.5.1 is now available in the test repo.
Here is the list of changes since the 1.3.7 version that was previously available in the test repo.
1.5.1 (26.07.2016):

* Fix "Can't use string ("gimp %i") as an ARRAY ref"
Closes bug #222 (Error when run gscan2pdf 1.5)
Closes Debian bug #831597 (Can't use string ("gimp %i") as an ARRAY ref)
* Store and apply backend (scanner-specific) and gscan2pdf settings separately.
* Those frontend settings stored in profiles need not be stored in general
* When paper in use, hide other geometry widgets
* When saving profile, if name already exists,
add warning and don't duplicate the combobox text

1.5.0 (11.06.2016):

* Also import text layer when importing PDF or DjVu.
* + option in Edit/Preference to allow/forbid batch scanning from a flatbed
* Store date as string to avoid time zone problems
Closes Debian bug #823626 (Date in file name off by one day when saving)
* Show warning when importing a PDF if number of images is not equal to number
of pages.
* + option not to close save dialog.
Closes feature request #91 (Keep save dialoque open)
* Update to Occitan (post 1500) translation (thanks to Cédric VALMARY)

1.4.0 (14.04.2016):

* Fixed double file overwrite confirmation
* Update paper size combobox after setting profile
* Integrate user-defined tools into scan post-process
* + dialog window for user-defined tools
* Fixed extended page numbering toggle
* Fixed restoring crashed session
* Fixed paper sizes after switching device. Closes bug #216
(options for A4, US Legal, and US Letter have disappeared in the Geometry
options for Scansnap IX500 in 1.3.9)
* Correct hiding/showing of widgets when saving JPEG
* Save session after an action rather than before so as not to lose the last
action in the event of a crash
* Update to French translation (thanks to Jean-Marc)

1.3.9 (06.03.2016):

* Fixed warning from Perl 5.10.1 about use of uninitialized value in subroutine
entry in Gscan2pdf/Dialog/Scan/CLI.pm
* Store absolute date instead of offset
* If get_message_area() not available (because gtk+ is too old),
use get_content_area() or vbox()
* Differentiate between readonly file and directory in error messages
* Fixed bug opening session file
* A deleted profile stays deleted across sessions
* Fixed multiple reload callback, affecting setting profiles
* If a profile affects geometry settings, update paper size widget appropriately
Closes Debian bug #815552 (fails to set geometry when loading saved profile)

1.3.8 (04.02.2016):

* Fixed bug saving TIFF, introduced in v1.3.6.
Closes Debian bug #812684 (cannot save in .tif format)
* Fixed bug running tesseract from OCR dialog, introduced in v1.3.7.
* Fixed bug saving, retrieving and applying profiles. Closes bug #163:
(paper size changes not applied consistently)
* Update to Czech translation (thanks to Pavel Borecki)
* Update to Ukranian translation (thanks to Микола Ткач)

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Re: MEPIS 12/MX 14 Community Repo: The Gscan2pdf Thread


Post by Stevo » Tue May 09, 2017 2:37 pm

Version 1.8.0 from upstream Debian has landed in our test repo.

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