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MEPIS 12/MX 14 Community Repository: The Heimdall Thread

Posted: Thu Apr 28, 2016 9:48 pm
by v3g4n
heimdall_flash_1.4.1-2 is now availabe in the test repo. heimdall_flash_frontend is a qt frontend for heimdall_flash and is also available in the test repo. To launch heimdall_flash_frontend open a termianl a type

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⋊> ~ heimdall-frontend     
Heimdall is a cross-platform open-source tool suite used to flash firmware (aka ROMs) onto Samsung mobile devices.
More info about Heimdall can be found here:
How to use Heimdall can be found here: ... ster/Linux

A word of caution:
Is Heimdall safe?

No matter which method you chose, flashing firmware onto your device has potential for disaster. We test Heimdall with a variety of devices by flashing each one with several different versions of appropriate firmware. As such we believe that Heimdall is extremely reliable for the devices that we have tested. However keep in mind, just like any firmware flashing software, Heimdall has the potential to brick your device if not used correctly.