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So I don't forget.

Installer to offer multiple language/keyboard set up. For example, user may want English menus, but using a French keyboard in Spain. The live cheat options can do this (obviously not for all languages), but the installer cannot.



I'm not sure what is the


I'm not sure what is the problem, the installer has a keyboard and a separate locale choice. You can select a French Keyboard and a Spanish locale. How else it should work?

I should have been clearer.


I should have been clearer. User may want to set up keyboard to use more than one language eg English (UK) and French keeping all menu entries in English but a timezone in Saudi Arabia (for example).

It also becomes more complicated for various languages based off another. Unless user knows exactly the version, the keyboard option in the installer isn't clear eg ru, ru1? ru2? (what are they?)

Note this is a request, not a bugfix.