Libreoffice 6 and "apt-get upgrade"

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Today a problem came to our attention after we moved Libreoffice 6 into our main repository.  

The problem came for users who were using the "apt-get upgrade" method of installing updates vs. the synaptic/mx-updater default of "apt-get dist-upgrade".  

Usually, apt-get upgrade (and its cousin "apt upgrade") are the "ultra-safe" methods to install updates.  An "apt-get upgrade" should have held back Libreoffice 6 packages and prevented them from updating, leaving the system unchanged with Libreoffice 5.

However, due to 2 library packages that apparently had incorrect dependencies, "apt-get upgrades" performed yesterday and today were very likely to break the currently installed Libreoffice 5 on MX 17.

However, those using apt-get dist-upgrade (the mx-updater and synaptic defaults) did not have any problem and Libreoffice was upgraded to 6 as planned.

We tracked down the offending libraries and their packages are now updated with dependency information that should prevent the issue from happening.  

The main US repos are updated now.  The mirrors should update tonight, so feel free to resume "apt-get upgrading" tomorrow.

Again, those using the default mx-updater and synaptic settings should not have a problem.

Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.