MX 17 Status Report

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There have been some questions on the Forum about what is going on with MX-17, so here's the skinny so far.

What is the current state?

1. There is no official "pre-alpha" released or 'in the wild" at this time. But a "Stretch" MX repo exists which is slowly being populated with packages for MX-17. Mostly this is the MX Tools, along with some choice apps like grub-customizer and a few others, plus some migrated MX-16 packages and placeholder MX-17 packages so that an iso can be built. Not all of our MX packages were compatible with a fresh "stretch" build, so we have been working on just getting things to a usable state for the Dev Team to jump off from. The comments by those that have made "stretched" MX-16 installations have been very helpful here.

2. As to schedule, nothing is set but we are hoping for an alpha shortly after antiX 17 goes to RC, which should be pretty soon now.

3. Two new MX apps are under development (MX Network Assistant and MX Tweak), and nearing completion. Ddm-mx (Nvidia installer) has received some improvements as well, and is testable on the current antiX 17.

What can MX Linux users do to help without an iso to work with?

1. Test antiX 17. I can't stress this enough. It’s the mother ship and the code mother as much as Debian is, and testing results will benefit MX-17 as well. Many Dev team members have already been doing some testing, which is much appreciated! AntiX 17 has a lot of new cool features, including cli-aptiX, a console package manager and updater.

2. Test new themes as well as existing MX-16 themes. Many of the gtk themes in MX-16 look....odd... under Debian Stretch (comments in the "stretched" mx16 posts are key here). you can test these under antiX 17 as well, particularly if you keep to the stretch repos.  Guidance from the Art Team concerning theme testing is available here.

3. If you are up to trying the "stretched" mx16 scenario (directions here), please post feedback in this thread on what mx-apps work and don't work. Remember, many of the mx-apps have terminal output that could be useful as we move forward.

more info later!