MX Linux Monthly Snapshot for April 2018 Now Available

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One of the better-kept secrets of the MX Linux project is the availability of Monthly Snapshot isos, made possible by the awesome antiX live-USB system and our MX-Snapshot utility. The Monthly Snapshots are created from a live-USB generated from an Official Release iso, and then applying all current updates to date to the live-USB. MX-Snapshot is then used to to create the Monthly Snapshot iso directly from the running live-USB system.

The Monthly Snapshots are not meant for people who already have MX installed (you folks already get the updates via the repos). It's for people who want to run Live environment with the latest versions and installing using the latest installer (without needing to do potentially massive updates after installation from the original Official Release). Major new distro-wide features are not introduced in Monthly Snapshots, although new features might become available through the regular update process. There is a minimum of testing done on the Monthly Snapshots, so be sure to report any problems in the forum.

The April Snaphot features the usual roll-up of updates, and in particular an update to the MX-Installer to allow installing on systems with 32 bit UEFI. Both the 32 bit and 64 bit isos should be installable on 32 bit UEFI systems. Also in the installer update is better support for mmcblk and nvme type internal drives.

Again, all updates, including the MX-Installer, are available to current users, so there is no reason to re-install from a Monthly Snapshot.

Check out for information on downloading a Monthly Snapshot.