MX17 Artwork - Prettifying Our Distro

Thanks to the antiX and MX Community developers, MX Linux has garnered a reputation for being fast and resource-efficient, yet highly usable straight out of the box by newcomers and experienced users alike.  With MX17, I am excited that we have been able to up the level of polish considerably, to match its technical competence.

As part of this increased refinement, MX17 boasts new and original artwork from members of the MX Community, to whom we owe a huge amount of thanks.  We therefore felt the artwork and all our art contributors deserved to be highlighted in a blog post.


1) MX-Welcome:

The Welcome window that greets users when they first boot live into MX17 has been revamped, with beautiful new icons created by the amazing antechdesigns ( ).



2) new set of notification icons in MX-Apt-notifier:

Besides the Classic and Wireframe "empty and full boxes" icon themes, antechdesigns has come up with the "Pulse" theme inspired by ECG readings. Right click on the apt-notifier icon in the notification area to select which of the 3 themes you wish to use.




3) new icons for MX-apps:

We have new icons for MX-Tools, MX-Tweak, MX-USB-Unmounter and MX-Conky, created by antechdesigns.



We are also very grateful to Ghost67 and SwampRabbit for helping in the conversion of the MX logo and MX-Tools logo/icon to svg format for ease of scaling up in the future.  In addition, SwampRabbit gave helpful comments in respect of icons in general and with regard to the individual apps found in MX-Tools.


4) Wallpapers:

Last but not least, we hope you enjoy the impressive all-original set of wallpapers found in the MX17 collection, contributed by forum members Ghost67 ( ), Paul, Tim, skidoo and antechdesigns.