New MX Tool: MX Boot Options

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MX Boot Options is a new application being added to the MX Tools that allows for easy selection of some common items related to the grub boot menu.  The items include:

1.  Setting a grub menu timeout (the default is 5 seconds on installed systems)

2.  Changing the default grub menu entry to boot.

3.  Changing the grub menu background.

4.  Enabling selection of boot splash on installed systems.  MXBO will install plymouth if necessary.

5.  Selection of boot message display verbosity.

For more information, check out the help file here: .  Thanks to adrian who did the heavy lifting on the app code and jerry3904 for coordinating splash themes.

We are also looking for original submissions on splash themes.  Users may post submissions here: User Contributed Splash Themes

MX Boot Options should automatically come to your MX Tools installation during the regular update process.  Translations to follow.