Release cycle

MX Linux makes three kinds of releases:

  • Official release: once a year, typically in December. The year of the release is used for the version number, so MX-17 was released at the end of 2017.
  • Point release: when needed. These can occur when major software changes are required, such as a kernel upgrade to fix a vulnerability as with MX-17.1.
  • Snapshot: monthly. These unofficial releases serve to update all software, and are designed to avoid lengthy download and setup time after a new installation.


  • MX Linux follows a modified fixed-release model: users will upgrade between major MX releases that are still within the same Debian version (e.g., MX-18 will still be based on Stretch so there will be no need to reinstall from MX-17.x).
  • Although MX Linux is always based on the Stable version of Debian, packagers continually backport newer software versions to the main repository.