Here are the substantive reviews of which we are aware. If we have missed any, please let us know on the MX Forum.



  • Best Xfce distro of 2017. Article in OCSMag by Dedoimedo, December 23, 2017. Declares MX-16.x the best Xfce distro of the year, concluding: "This really is a great distribution. Right from the start, you get access to music, videos and gadgets, you can import your live session, the MX Tools box is an excellent addition to the software arsenal, and with blazing performance and magical battery life, MX-16 and its Xfce setup give you the quintessential classic desktop that you want or need. Truly a breath of fresh air in every sense of the idiom."
  • MX16.1 Linux Review - The Swiss Army Knife Distro. Video review by Linux Quest, published June 17, 2017. Very positive review of someone who has been running MX-16.1 for a week already. Concentrates on the work done by the Dev Team to make the user comfortable with setup and customization by means of MX Tools and default configuration.
  • La MX Linux 16.1, un ultime hommage à la Debian GNU/Linux Jessie ?. Video and short review by Frederic Bezies, published June 11, 2017. Critical of the use of an old kernel rather than one of the LTS ones available, and of the incomplete localization by default of the major apps such as Thunderbird, Firefox or LibreOffice.
  • MX 16.1 . Video tour by ubuntu made simple, published June 10, 2017. showing the Welcome screen, MX Tools, and many other features in some detail.
  • MX 16.1 Beta (AMAZING) . Video review by Sudo Reboot, published May 28, 2017. Enthusiastic and detailed look at the beta, with particular attention to the changes in MX Tools, especially Package Installer.


  • MX-16 - Linux OS Review . Video review by quidsup, published February 23, 2017. Says that MX is one of the most requested for review, and that he has had no issues, finds it very stable and concludes that it does what he expected it to do. Sees a limiting factor when trying to run it on brand new hardware, but otherwise it should be fine. "Why is MX so good? I don't know. Perhaps because it works, does its job and keeps out of the way."
  • MX-16 Xfce: very close to the ideal. Blog post by DarkDuck on LinuxBlog, published February 7, 2016. Tested Live and found that everything worked out of the box, including: wireless networking, samba browsing of network drives, mp3s, videos, and YouTube. Did not like the gloomy theme and found the fonts blurry at times, but otherwise very positive: "It would be an ideal distribution for me, if it were not for [those] two very small issues."
  • MX Linux 16 Metamorphosis: Debian más fácil todavía. Review by Enrique Bravo published in Colaboratorio, February 1, 2017. A thorough look at MX-16 with many useful comments. Does not like the retro look, but admits he is coming from Plasma 5. Praises the attention to making things easier for users, and comments about the Users Manual that it is "a clear example of a committed project with clear ideas."
  • MX Linux 16 | Linux Distribution, First Impressions Review. Video review by Chris Were, published January 14, 2017. Thoughtful look at various features, along with many judgments based on personal preferences. "I think this is filling a very much-desired demographic: people who love Debian, but don't always have patience with the Debian way...Solid distribution, definitely one to watch."
  • MX Linux MX-16 Metamorphosis - Winds of change. Blog post by Dedoimedo, January 14, 2017. Careful look at Live and Installed sessions, finding much positive. Identifies a number of smaller problems to be worked on: multimedia, icons, etc. Concludes: "MX-16 is a great choice for a lightweight desktop. Xfce has come a long way, and you get all the essentials you expect from a home system. It's all there, plus good looks, plus speed that rivals anything out there, among the best battery life numbers, great stability, and even some extra unique features like the live session save and MX Tools. A most worthy combo. All in all, 9.5/10. Warmly recommended for testing and sampling."
  • MX Linux 16. Feature Story published by Jesse Smith on DistroWatch, January 9, 2017. Good solid review of MX-16, both virtual and installed. Likes MX Tools, overall look, responsiveness and software availability. Dislikes duplication of functions and considers that it requires more technical knowledge than some more mainstream distributions. Concludes: "The distribution walks a fine line between providing conveniences (like the welcome window and update notification) and staying out of the way. I think the developers have struck a good balance and I definitely see MX as a good option, especially for people running older computers."
  • MX Linux 16 Review. Video review by Silicon Nubian, published January 8, 2017. A good tour with helpful commentary, very appreciative of MX Tools. Says perhaps not best for a brand new user, but is impressed: "two thumbs up, very good performance and very feature complete, I like it a lot."
  • MX-16 Linux Review (The Dremel Distro). Video review by Linux Quest, published December 29, 2016. Detailed and informed examination of MX-16 that focuses on MX Tools, leading him to call it "the Dremel of Linux distributions." Praises the forethought and attention to detail throughout, concluding that it's as if the Devs said to themselves: "let's not just give directions, let's put it in place."
  • MX Linux: Una distro Veloz, amigable y con herramientas asombrosas. Blog post by lagarto, published December 28, 2016. Good overview of MX-16, looking at downloading, installation and use. Concludes: "If you want a Linux distribution that is pretty light but very functional I recommend you try MX-16. The performance is simply fantastic and visually it is pretty and efficient."
  • Top 5 Distros of 2016 Video review by Sudo Reboot, published December 18, 2016. Follow-up on his MX16 = peppermint 7 killer, published December 14, 2016. Using criteria of quick and ideal for new users, gives an enthusiastic and excited tour of MX-16 (starting about 20 mins in), spending a lot of time on MX Tools. He concludes that MX-16 is the best Debian distro "bar none" and his #1 choice for the year.
  • MX Linux 16 MATE. Video review by Linux and Other Stuff, published December 15, 2016. Does a nice quick overview of how to set up and run MATE on top of MX-16. "Looks real good, runs real good, and those icons are great. Pretty neat.." Follow-up on his earlier more general review: Is MX Linux 16 all that?:"It is all that they say it is!"
  • MX-16 "Metamorphosis" - Final Release Review. Video review by Don't Call Me Lenny, published December 13, 2016. Part of the group MX-16 Debian - 1st Release Candidate - Review, published November 28, 2016; MX-16 Linux Raises the Bar with Debian Nvidia Installs, published December 3; and My Top Linux Distros of 2016 - The Year in Review, published December 29, 2016. Looks first at the driver question, with which he had earlier had problems, and finds that the new NVidia installer is the easiest available. Reviews MX Tools in some detail, then concludes with: "MX-16 is at the top of the Debian list."
  • La MX-Linux 16 parviendra-t-elle à faire oublier la caricaturale Devuan GNU/Linux? Blog article by Frederic Bezies, published November 3, 2016, reviewing MX-16 Beta 1. Text overview includes a 25 miin video of post-installation setup that is well done. Concludes with: "I must say that we are looking at a distribution that was thought out from beginning to end to be usable."


  • MX-15 Debian + KDE = Fantastic ! ! ! . Video review by Don't Call Me Lenny, published August 20, 2016. A close look of the KDE remix of MX-15 created and maintained by Community developer Stevo. Praises the aesthetics, shows the various applications available by default, and ends by saying: "I'm sure this release will gain quite a following once people find out about it."
  • The Best of Linux - 2016 So Far....... Video review by Don't Call Me Lenny, published May 9, 2016. Author takes a look at the Linux distros of 2016, and starting around 6'45" turns to MX-15. He highlights MX Tools, the automatic Broadcom pickup, the Save System to ISO--and the general perception that everything works perfectly. Concludes with this: "MX-15 in my opinion is the #1 Linux distribution, the benchmark for everyone else to shoot at...I can't say enough about MX-15, it is far and away the best Debian distribution."
  • The MX Toolbox: Big Tools for a Little Distro. Careful look at MX Tools by Dedoimedo in OCS-Mag on March 9, 2016. After going through the tools individually, making suggestions about functionality and appearance, he finishes with this: "I very much like MX Tools. They are a handy, refreshing addition to the distribution, and they allow users who are not very tech savvy to solve some common problems. True, fixing audio and network drivers is hardly the first thing you want to do when you log in, but then, codecs and shares are an absolute must. Overall, MX Tools work quite well. The GUI isn’t perfect though. It can be visually much nicer, the advanced tools need some rethinking and rework, and I’d like to see more features added, with aided step-by-step wizards that would help new users get comfortable with the distro, and quickly. Anyhow, I warmly recommend you try MX Linux, and then sample from its unique fruit. I believe you will find the experience pleasing, and perhaps we will see more endeavors of this kind crop across the distro phase-space."
  • MX-15 review - Highway to rad. Full, balanced review by Dedoimedo, published on his blog February 29, 2016. Looks carefully at aesthetic and technical aspects, making thoughtful commentary as he goes along, and praises the distro for its ongoing improvement. Concludes: "Anyhow, really neat. MX Linux has come a long, long way since its early days. It is shaping up to be a really nice distribution, and my biggest fear at this point is that it will die, like so many other distros have died before reaching that critical mass moment. To sum it up, if you're looking for something different, something less avant-garde, whatever that means, or rather, you're fed up with the love triangle of Ubuntu, SUSE and Fedora plus derivatives, then MX-15 might be what you want. Somewhat of an underdog, and a bit scruffy and mongrely at times, but I like the progress. I like the consistent approach. It's a key to greatness. 9/10. It sure has joined my watch shortlist. Worth testing and whatnot. But my fear of the future always remains, please prove me wrong. However, the present is happy, so start downloading and burning them coasters. Dedoimedo out."
  • MX-15 Linux - Debian at its Finest!. Video review of MX-15 by Don't Call Me Lenny! on February 1, 2016. Review of MX-15, stressing its user-friendliness for people switching to Linux for the first time. Praises the Community for being very responsive to user needs, in development as well as in support. Ends with: "This distribution is a joy to use every day. I cannot recommend MX-15 any higher!"
  • MX-15 Review. Video review of MX-15 by AJ Reissig on January 30, 2016. Tour of an installed instance. Objects to the vertical panel and says updates and installs are very slow, but likes the Package Installer and ease of use. He concludes: "Everything is very stable. I'm really, really happy with this distribution."
  • Doppelherz: MX Linux kombiniert die Stärken von AntiX und Mepis. Published January 21, 2016 in Linux Community. Ferdinand Thommes provides a penetrating and nuanced review of MX-15 that reveals a thorough knowledge and appreciation of its features. "MX-Linux shows itself as a stable and lightweight distribution on a reliable Debian Stable base that collects many pluses for its user-friendliness ... Many areas of the distribution allow one to see the developers' intention to ease system administration without overloading it in the process. The support for older hardware enables it to be appealing in times of excessive insanity about consumption, and makes users happy who keep such computers in use. An accomplished synthesis of antiX and Mepis distributions, MX Linux really deserves more attention than it currently receives" (translated from the German).
  • MX Linux 15 "Fusion" - Debian With Users In Mind . Video review by Yonn Lopez. Published Jan 1, 2016. Extensive tour and commentary of Final, with a focus on utility. Comments: "They really have thought about a lot of details...MX-15 just keeps getting better!"
  • Leichtgewichtige Distribution für ältere Rechner. Review of MX-15 final by Ferdinand Thommes. Published Dec 26, 2015.. A technical perspective on the suitability of MX-15 for older computers. He also discusses the LiveUSB setup: "antiX MX is also interesting for the various options offered of running the system from a USB stick."
  • AntiX MX-15 : une bonne distribution GNU/Linux à destination bureautique pour les fans de Debian qui n’aiment pas systemd? Blog review of MX-15 RC 1 by Frederic Bezies. Published Dec 21, 2015. Loves the simplicity of the Installer, posts an interesting video of post-installation setup ( to show the ease of use and the intellectual pleasure of it all, and praises MX Tools. "C’est une distribution à surveiller de très près" (This is a distro to watch very closely).
  • MX-15 beta 1. Video review of MX-15 Beta 1 by Ghost Sixtyseven. Published Nov 9, 2015. "It's looking good!"
  • MX-15 Beta 1 Linux For Everyone . Video review of MX-15 Beta1 by Linux Help Guy. Published on Nov 9, 2015. "It's a distro that doesn't mess you about, it does what it says it does."
  • MX-14

  • antiX Linux Doesn't Fool Around. Jack M. Germain in Linux Insider reviews MX 14.4 on June 15, 2015. "The antiX Linux distro is an outstanding operating system that performs flawlessly. It lacks the special effects of desktops such as Cinnamon, KDE and Unity, but older computers tend to be unable to run them properly. Linux offers numerous distro choices for legacy computers. antiX Linux, especially the latest release of special edition MX-14, should be at the top of your must-try list."
  • Linux Help Guy. Video review of MX 14.4 on April 16, 2015. "The two key features are rock-solid stability and friendly familiar useability. I absoloutely 100% cannot fault this distribution. When something is this good, ladies and gentlemen, do not pass it up!"
  • AntiX MX-14.3 review . Dedoimedo in his blog, January 16, 2015. "I believe the idea of any and every product is to excel at what it does, and so, to beat competition, Antix MX-14.3 must play its strong cards, performance and MX applications, against their strong cards. For instance, being able to customize the desktop is a basic necessity. You can't be having bogus messages about browser plugins, now can you. And so we go back to the missing stuff. Indeed, this distro is not yet good enough to fight against the likes of Xubuntu and friends, but then, in the Xfce world, it's very difficult nailing down the formula. Even Xubuntu sucked for a long time before it flourished. The truth is, it won't take much for Antix to fill its gaps, but it will take a mindset change. Anyhow, this latest version gets 6.5/10. An improvement, but there's more to be done."
  • Best Xfce distro of 2014. Dedoimedo in Netrunner MAG, December 13, 2014. "It hasn’t really rang my bell, but it’s an interesting contestant, because it represents the whole side of the Linux community that normally escapes the headlines and fanboy storms. Debian based, with Mepis elements fused in. As such, it’s an example of a project with a noble mission and ignoble results. The composition just does not gel, despite some brilliant bits and pieces. Overall, Antix is not a distro that you can easily sell to new users and fresh Windows converts, but it could be a useful alternative to those with middling or high Linux skills, who take personal interest and pride in tweaking their boxes, and damn be the press releases. However, the effort alone deserves mention, and we can hope the full potential of what Antix can be is going to be unleashed unto the masses one day."
  • antiX/MEPIS MX-14.3 Symbiosis: Neue Version der schnellen Distribution. Christian Kopp in Adopters - Technik und Politik, December 3, 2014. Highlights translated from the German: "MX a special GNU/Linux distribution with Xfce as Desktop Environment, which appears to be perfect not only for systems with older hardware but also for Notebooks and computers with small screens. Moreover MX-14 (Codename 'Symbiosis') runs absolutely stable, needs little memory and is as a whole quite easy to use."
  • Antix MX-14: Schlanke und effiziente Linux Live-CD-Distribution. David Wolski in, August 11, 2014. Highlights translated from the German: "The beginning of the new series MX-14 was plagued by some annoying bugs, and the point version [14.2] in June 2014 is an important update that irons out many errors such as the missing automount of inserted USB sticks. AntiX remains true to its motivation of furnishing a good-looking Debian system for older PCs."
  • DasGregor. Video review of MX-14.2 in "First Impressions" series. August 9, 2014. "Fits on a CD yet has all the good features and abilities that an OS needs to have. Can scale up from older hardware to newer systems through the handy MX Package Installer. I like the way MX-14 has taken antiX and MEPIS and put them together using Xfce. Go with this if you are looking for something that you need flexibility with and you can configure easily--and this is based on Debian Stable."
  • Linux Help Guy. Video review of MX-14.1. July 10, 2014. "I have to be honest, I am very very impressed with this distribution. It works outstandingly well...MX-14 will blow you out of the water. Who would run this distro? With the help of the video tutorials, I have to say: just about anybody. You cannot go wrong. Download it and take a look: you will not fail to be impressed."
  • antiX MX-14 „Symbiosis“: Perfekt für ältere Hardware. June 6, 2014. Highlights translated from the German: "Perfect for older hardware, but runs perfectly on current hardware as well. Can easily be made to look like the standard Xfce, and most will like to have the panel in its usual place on the bottom. Theme can hardly be called modern and fresh, but easy to change. Boot process is quick, installation very easy, and resource usage very low. Good implementation of software and tools, with others easily installble. Individual software choices may be easily changed using the available repos through Synaptic. Absolutely stable and without bugs that I could find."
  • Sidekick. May 19, 2014. "This is Debian Stable with up-to-date applications from the Mepis repository. And remember what I wrote before about choosing distros? One of the things to consider is the repositories. Choose a distro and you’re also choosing it’s repositories. Y’wanna talk about huge, vast, ginormous, mondo-mucho gargantuan repos? Debian has the biggest and richest repositories in the entire universe! And installing software in MX is easy with the Synaptic Package Manager. I always used Synaptic anyway rather than that slow, bloated Software Center, so again, this has been an easy transition from Xubuntu so far. And when I need support, Mepis has forums where lots of wonderful people make themselves available to technophobes like me. On my first day they helped me solve two minor problems (one just by browsing the topics and reading, and the other in reply to my screenshooter issue). I’m a happy li’l sidekick today. My technophobia has not stopped me from trying out yet another Linux distro, and this one looks like it could well take Xubuntu’s place in my heart, becoming the distro I would always “run home to.”"
  • Dedoimedo. April 14, 2014. "As you may have noticed, I did not bother with making the distro pretty. Simply because I didn't feel like it was worth the effort. While I am normally enthused about adding new themes and icons, making Xfce rock, this time, it would have been pointless. Overall, antiX MX-14 Symbiosis did not really impress me. It's not that it's a bad package, but it sure is not designed for most people in mind. Maybe just the dev team really. It's not very pretty, the installer is wonky, and the post-install experience is simply bland. Not exciting in any way. It's like, okay, whatever. You have your defaults, some programs, a mediocre QA, so take or leave it. For me, there are many superior Xfce alternatives, based on Debian or otherwise. This time, 5/10."
  • Linuxed. April 10, 2014. "I rate MX-14 as one of the most functional XFCE 4 distros I have used. It is fast, stable and efficient. I got very good battery life with MX-14 - about 4 hours of continuous surfing, consumption of media and office work. It is about 20% higher than what I got in GNOME/KDE distros. However, MX-14 is not without it's share of vices - the desktop theme looks good but the windows manager theme looks antiquated. Menu is placed at the bottom of the left panel and is difficult to browse. But, all these can be easily corrected and are not that serious flaws. In overall, I am very impressed with MX-14 and is using it right now as my main operating system. antiX has surely come up with a gem which is truly special. I recommend it to all Linux enthusiasts to try it out - just like me you may fall in love with it!"