MX 18 | MX Linux MX-18 Continuum - Time x Space x Fun
A careful review of the current MX-18 posted by Dedoimedo on January 14, 2019. Covers strong and weak points in detailed fashion and summarizes his findings with subtlety: "MX-18 comes with a solid blend of modern and archaic, pretty and reserved, Xfce pure and hybrid, giving you good font clarity, decent spatial awareness, fast productivity, and only a few glitches here and there, most of which are inherent to the desktop environment." A useful document for MX Devs as they move forward.
MX 18 | My MX Linux 18 On Real Hardware

A video by Charlie Henson about his own "out of the box experience," published on his channel on January 1, 2019. After trouble trying to set up a BlueTooth dongle, goes through what he calls "really good stuff" by which he means all the tools and settings apps. Concludes: "This is really an ass-kicking distro...super responsive, good to go."

MX 17 | And the best distro of 2018 is ...

Dedoimedo selects the best Linux distro of the year from among 5 finalists in this blog post on December 31, 2018. In increasing of preference: Manjaro 17.1.6, Linux Mint 19, Kubuntu 18.10, Kubuntu 18.4 and...MX-17! "From the very start, MX Linux behaved beautifully. It was elegant, robust and stable. It comes with many unique features and applications, including its MX Tools combo...You get blazing performance, excellent battery life, all the fun out of the box, and it's constantly, continuously improving, with great momentum by the team and the community." Pretty neat.

MX 18 | MX Linux 18 "Continuum" First Impressions

A video review published by on December 30, 2018. A very substantial look, both general and detailed. Covers topics not normally seen such as games, (dark) theming, flatpaks, etc. Comments: "I'm blown away by some of the settings I'm seeing here." A good addition to the reviews that are out so far.

MX 18 | MX Linux | Review from an openSUSE User

An interesting "biased" look at MX-18 from  published on his blog on December 28, 2018. After going the installation, he looks at the features he likes, from MX Tools (especially Package Manager) to low memory usage. Finishes with useful suggestions for the future include: allow for direct install without going through a Live session, change some Installer wording ("remove disk"), 

MX17.1 | MX Linux review: a delightful Linux distro
Published by Chris Were on December 5, 2018. He has been running it for some time now, and concludes: "Overall, this is a wonderful distribution and I can see why it's getting a lot of hype these days. It's going to stay on the machine for quite some time because it just runs so damn well."
MX17.1 | MX Linux 17.1 - more details
Published by xramtech published on Dec 5, 2018
MX 18 | Checking out MX 18 beta 1
Published by Linux & Other Stuff on Dec 4, 2018.
MX17.1 | Five Reasons to use MX Linux
Video by Switched to Linux, published on Dec 3, 2018
MX17.1 | Best Xfce distro of 2018
A review posted by Dedoimedo on December 5, 2018 in OCS Mag. Author looks at 6 distros--two of which are MX Linux!--and rates MX as the winner. Concludes with the nice comment that it is "honest, unique, fast and elegant."


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