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MX-17.1 | Best Xfce distro of 2018

A review posted by Dedoimedo on December 5, 2018 in OCS Mag. Author looks at 6 distros–two of which are MX Linux!–and rates MX as the winner. Concludes with the nice comment that it is “honest, unique, fast and elegant.”

MX-17.1 | Five Reasons to use MX Linux

Video by Switched to Linux, published on Dec 3, 2018

MX-17.1 | Frederic Bezies blogs on MX-17.1

This blog post accompanies his video on post installation setup for French users. He summarizes the release as “un grand cru” (a great vintage) and “du pur bonheur” (pure joy). He rightfully points to the difficulties now presented by Firefox to switch languages.

MX-17.1 | Frederic Bezies reviews MX-17.1

Great look at the new point release, showing how to localize for France. Concludes: “très très bien conçu, du pur bonheur.”

MX-17.1 | Hands on with MX Linux: a pleasant easy-to-install Linux distribution

Published by J. A. Watson on September 6, 2018 in his blog on ZDNet. The author reviews MX-17.1 (the August snapshot), both from a general perspective and with detailed attention to certain features. He examines the Installer screen-by-screen, explaining what each does and adding thoughtful critique along the way. He then provides the first review of the new version of the Package Installer, spelling out its utility and expressing his appreciation. Nice conclusion: “Using MX17 Linux is very pleasant. It reminds me a lot of MEPIS, in that it just all works, and everything fits together nicely.”

MX-17.1 | Look @ MX Linux 17.1 – The Continuing Story of MX Linux

Video review by eznix on March 16, 2018. It takes a detailed look at installation, the Forum and Help, the last two not usually covered. Concludes: “MX Linux is a fantastic distro for the new user and the seasoned professional, and anyone in between.”

MX-17.1 | MX Linux 17.1

Review by Shashank Sharma in Linux Format, June 2018 (LXF237), page 20 (requires subscription). Subtitle: “Shashank Sharma’s expectations of a modern-day distribution is a lumbering Goliath, which makes this distro fall squarely into the David camp.” This review is very positive, and the ‘Verdict’ box-out gives 10/10 for every element! Finishes with this great statement: “This speedy, fully featured distribution, complete with solid support on- and offline, is a masterclass in user-friendliness.”

MX-17.1 | MX Linux 17.1 – more details

Published by xramtech published on Dec 5, 2018


A video tour by XPSTECH published March 27, 2018. Although the author says he did not expect very much when he began, he concludes after checking it out that the MX Team has done a really great job. It could become one of the top distros, he says, but it all gets down to how long they can survive.

MX-17.1 | MX Linux 17.1 Review – The dream distro?

Video review by InfinitelyGalactic published on November 6, 2018. A very careful and enthusiastic look at MX-17.1. He looks closely at MX Tools, concluding: “MX provides the user experience that a lot of linux users want, but for some reason no one thinks to make.”

MX-17.1 | MX Linux Review – Version 17 – An Excellent All Around Linux Distribution

A very appreciative look at MX-17[.1] by Mike Johnston in CMS Critic on March 18, 2018.  He focuses on MX Tools, and features Tweak, Conky and Package Installer, of which he is a “huge fan.” Concludes: “Overall, MX Linux 17 is a fast, responsive and well put together distribution. It includes tons of tools to help users and administrators get things done and it’s built on a rock solid base with Debian stable.”

MX-17.1 | MX Linux review: a delightful Linux distro

Published by Chris Were on December 5, 2018. He has been running it for some time now, and concludes: “Overall, this is a wonderful distribution and I can see why it’s getting a lot of hype these days. It’s going to stay on the machine for quite some time because it just runs so damn well.”

MX-17.1 | MX Linux: A Mid-Weight Distro Focused on Simplicity

A cursory and curious look at MX-17.1 (unnamed) published by Jack Wallen on April 6, 2018 on After praising “that antiX installer MX Linux uses” (originally from Warren Woodford with his MEPIS), the author then provides a lengthy description on how to move the Panel using Xfce’s dialog box (no mention of MX Tools) and finishes with a lesson on setting up Samba. Concludes: “This flavor of Linux can make anyone feel right at home on Linux.”

MX-17.1 | MX Tools – A year later, the toolbox got better

Posted May 25, 2018 by Dedoimedo on his website. This detailed look at MX Tools in MX-17 begins by noting the improvements in the look of the dashboard: organization, legibility, etc. He pays articular attention to Snapshot (“probably one of the most useful aspects of MX Tools”) and iDevice Mounter, which he tested on his own phone when it wouldn’t mount in Thunar. Finishes with some useful suggestions about future directions that might be taken.

MX-17.1 | MX Tools, Backup, and Systemback

Published on May 6, 2018, by Artim in his blog Confessions of a Technophobe. Looks at using LuckyBackup and MX Live USB Maker to archive an image of the running system, concluding that it is easy and works better than his previous method.  Concludes: “No bloat, plenty of speed, rock-stable, awesome cool tools. What else does a technophobic Ba’ku boy need?”

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