MX-21 | One of the nicest, most user-friendly XFCE desktops around

A comprehensive and systematic overview by Tyler’s Tech of the new MX-21 Beta 1 release covering the whole process from live boot through “a very quick install process” on real hardware . Gives an overview of the default settings, menus and applications, including packaged versions and their typical uses. Shares his opinions on some of the features – “I’ve always liked the way they set up their panels” and “a massive fan of that Docklike Taskbar implementation”. Also shows some of the simple ways he tweaks the setup including installing his favorite flatpaks.

MX-19 | MX Linux Package Installer review – Nice but can be nicer

When Dedoimedo reviewed MX -19.3 recently, he declared that the lack of a proper application store was the greatest single drawback. Following feedback from MX users, he now reviews the MX Package Installer. He likes the curated list on the first tab, but finds the rest to be “nerdy friendliness.” MXPI is not a bad idea, he opines, but the problem lies in Linux packaging itself. He concludes: “MXPI is a nice thing, but it’s still 90% nerdy, 10% friendly, and the equation needs to be flipped.”

MX-19 | MX Linux MX-19.3 patito feo – A year later, things be spiffier

Dedoimedo returns to MX-19, this time the third point release. He finds it “more refined, more polished, with fewer visual bugs and inconsistencies” than the initial release. After a useful examination of display scaling concerns and options, he moves through other facets of the release with general approval. The biggest negative aspect for him is the lack of proper software management, an “application store” that he understands as a nice, elegant GUI. Overall a very positive look, with the advice that “there’s more the MX Linux team can do to make their feisty little distro even more awesome and accessible to an even greater audience.”

MX-19 | MX Linux review (XFCE & KDE)

Average Linux User posted in his channel a substantial video review of these two major versions of MX Linux on October 2, 2020. He demonstrates a refreshingly detailed understanding of them as he covers first Xfce and then KDE–which he says is his favorite desktop environment. A long and well-informed discussion of the advantages of the two versions is followed by a short treatment of the disadvantages: the installer is old fashioned, the conky is too simple, etc. He concludes by recommending other distros for true beginners and KDE fans, but praises the Xfce version as one of the very best.

MX-19 | Dedoimedo on MX Linux 19.2 KDE

Dedoimedo published a short review September 9, 2020 in his Blog. Doesn’t like it: “I wish I could be more positive, but hey, I see no real purpose to this particular version.” MX out.

MX-19 | MX Linux | The Best Midweight Distribution

A video review published on Tyler’s Tech on July 3, 2020.  A quick and interesting tour around is followed by a detailed look at MX Tools and MX-Fluxbox.  Concludes with: “Overall I’m very impressed with how far this distribution has come since I last looked at it.”

MX-18 | And the best distro of 2019 is …

A repeat performance! Dedoimedo announces that the best distro of the year is MX Linux again. The version is not MX-19, though, but MX-18.3 Continuum which he reviewed early in 2019. He comments: “This is a really neat little distro, with a good mix of usability, style and functionality.”

MX-19 | Best Xfce distro of 2019

Published December 22, 2019, this article by Dedoimedo reviews the major Xfce distros that he looked at during 2019. As in his dedicated review of MX-19, he finds the current release to be of lower overall quality than MX-18.3–which he declares to be the best Xfce distro of the year. Although he sees a downward trend in Xfce distros, he seems to ignore the effect of the new and still unpolished Xfce 4.14 upon Xfce distros generally.

MX-19 | MX Linux MX-19 patito feo – The longest mile

A hard and long look by Dedoimedo posted on December 4, 2019. His attention to detail and listing of issues are much appreciated. He likes many aspects–MX Tools, for instance–but finally finds too many problems and annoyances to use it for more than testing.


A well-done video review by XPSTECH. He shows a thorough knowledge of MX-19, and the video is makes a well-balanced and visually effective presentation. Thoughtful comments provide food for thought for future development.

MX-19 | MX Linux 19

Jesse Smith published a detailed review of MX-19 in the November 3, 2019 issue of DistroWatch.  He appreciates that MX has improved an already good product, saying that it is very similar to MX-17 with lots of little improvements (apparently overlooking the deployment of the new version of Xfce 4.14 for the first time). He notes a bug in the installer, which was able to install Grub on a Btfs system and just quit. Nice conclusion that it was “one of the best desktop experiences I have run this year.”

MX-19 | MX 19 LINUX – Debian 10 Buster Derivat

Video review by Linux Umsteiger on Oct 28, 2019. Good detailed look at MX Tools, from Snapshot to Bash Options, showing how they are used. Ends by saying “I am happy with it” (ich bin zufrieden damit).

MX-17.1 | # One distro ! Zero trouble free miles !

This video review by Linux & Other Stuff  was published on Apr 23, 2019. Contrary to the title, the author means he had 100% trouble-free miles. Comments on his eight months of smooth sailing, concluding that “it is probably the best distro out there.” Provides a useful how-to on MX Snapshot, showing the importance of cleaning out personal data when preparing for distributing a respin, and how to get the config defaults in place.

MX-18 | MX Linux MX-18 & 10-year-old EeePC netbook – Fantastic

Dedoimedo examines the use of MX-18 on a ten-year-old notebook in a post from April 1, 2019 (as edited) on his blog. After addressing various “niggles” ranging from config leftovers from the previously installed OS to visual annoyances, he turns to performance: “What really matters is how the netbook behaves. And it behaves oh so well.” He concludes by noting that this makes the first change in his production setup in the last decade. A very useful review for users with older machines who are considering using MX Linux.

MX-18 | Why is MX Linux So Popular?

A thoughtful video review published on Mar 18, 2019 by InfinitelyGalactic.  The author begins with the premise that MX Linux is really gaining momentum on the Linux desktop and attempts to explain why – and why now? On the MX side, he points to great documentation and support, a strong community and the amount of choice being offered to the user. Looking at the desktop Linux world more generally, he points to the uncertainty and instability surrounding some of the best-known names. Finally, he argues that the power of the rumor mill should be taken into account as a major factor in its rise over the last year or so.

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