MX-17 | MX 17 Linux: The Best of 2 Linux Worlds

Review of MX-17 Beta 1 by Jack M. Germain, published in LinuxInsider Nov 16, 2017. Calling The Beta 1 release “an ideal first-look candidate,” the reviewer appreciates the antiX Live system that MX inherits, the combination of standard Xfce tools and software choices, as well as the various MX-specific tools.

MX-17 | MX Linux 17

Review by Jesse Smith in Distrowatch 774(1), published January 1, 2018. Thorough look at MX-17 based on a week of testing. He says that he is very happy with the OS, and that there was little that needed to be changed. His major criticism is that “MX loses out to the big, mainstream Linux distributions is in beginner friendliness,” and he signals apps such as the backup utility, the updater and Synaptic.

MX-17 | MX Linux 17 An Easy To Use Linux Distro For Noobs

Review by LINUXANDUBUNTU, December 25, 2017. Good review of MX-17 with many screenshots that focuses on technical procedures. Concludes that it is an “easy-to-use yet powerful that does decent job without including unnecessary software.” Also available in Spanish.

MX-17 | MX Linux 17: An upgraded distro made for beginners

Review by Sam Bocetta in on February 12, 2018. A thorough look at MX-17: “This powerful operating system’s efficient performance, intuitive interface, and exceptional collection of apps make it a top choice for all users.”

MX-17 | MX Linux MX-17 Horizon – Second test, top notch

A follow-up review on February 9, 2018 by Dedoimedo on a higher-end machine (Lenovo G50 laptop). He covers main concerns from font to software, and concludes: “Good distros are far and few in between, and MX-17 Horizon is truly a magnificent product. Way to go.”

MX-17 | MX Linux MX-17 Horizon – Shaping up beautifully

Review by Dedoimedo, updated January 13, 2018. Very detailed and very positive look at MX-17. Tests it Live and installed on older and newer hardware. Makes a number of useful suggestions, and concludes: “it’s an excellent choice for Linux folks looking for a hassle-free, fun-ready system. 9.9/10.”

MX-17 | MX Linux: Worth a Look

A technically-oriented review posted by Robert Dinse in Eskimo North on March 18, 2018. Looks at the use of SysV as init in comparison with systemd, likes the monthly snapshots, and appreciates the availability of multiple desktops.  He concludees: “They’ve basically taken Debian and fixed all it’s flaws, it’s slow boot, it’s lack of up to date things that are critical, and fixed the boot process to one that is ideal compromise between systemd and system-V init.”

MX-17 | Video reviews, tours and honors–Final

MX-16.1 | La MX Linux 16.1, un ultime hommage à la Debian GNU/Linux Jessie ?

Video and short review by Frederic Bezies, published June 11, 2017. Critical of the use of an old kernel rather than one of the LTS ones available, and of the incomplete localization by default of the major apps such as Thunderbird, Firefox or LibreOffice.

MX-16.1 | La MX-Linux 16 parviendra-t-elle à faire oublier la caricaturale Devuan GNU/Linux?

Blog article by Frederic Bezies, published November 3, 2016, reviewing MX-16 Beta 1. Text overview includes a 25 miin video of post-installation setup that is well done. Concludes with: “I must say that we are looking at a distribution that was thought out from beginning to end to be usable.”

MX-16.1 | MX 16.1

Video tour by ubuntu made simple, published June 10, 2017. showing the Welcome screen, MX Tools, and many other features in some detail.

MX-16.1 | MX 16.1 Beta (AMAZING)

Video review by Sudo Reboot, published May 28, 2017. Enthusiastic and detailed look at the beta, with particular attention to the changes in MX Tools, especially Package Installer.

MX-16.1 | MX16.1 Linux Review – The Swiss Army Knife Distro

Video review by Linux Quest, published June 17, 2017. Very positive review of someone who has been running MX-16.1 for a week already. Concentrates on the work done by the Dev Team to make the user comfortable with setup and customization by means of MX Tools and default configuration.

MX-16 | Best Xfce distro of 2017.

Article in OCSMag by Dedoimedo, December 23, 2017. Declares MX-16.x the best Xfce distro of the year, concluding: “This really is a great distribution. Right from the start, you get access to music, videos and gadgets, you can import your live session, the MX Tools box is an excellent addition to the software arsenal, and with blazing performance and magical battery life, MX-16 and its Xfce setup give you the quintessential classic desktop that you want or need. Truly a breath of fresh air in every sense of the idiom.”

MX-16 | MX Linux 16 | Linux Distribution, First Impressions Review

Video review by Chris Were, published January 14, 2017. Thoughtful look at various features, along with many judgments based on personal preferences. “I think this is filling a very much-desired demographic: people who love Debian, but don’t always have patience with the Debian way…Solid distribution, definitely one to watch.”

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