MX 16 | Best Xfce distro of 2017.

Article in OCSMag by Dedoimedo, December 23, 2017. Declares MX-16.x the best Xfce distro of the year, concluding: "This really is a great distribution. Right from the start, you get access to music, videos and gadgets, you can import your live session, the MX Tools box is an excellent addition to the software arsenal, and with blazing performance and magical battery life, MX-16 and its Xfce setup give you the quintessential classic desktop that you want or need. Truly a breath of fresh air in every sense of the idiom."

MX 16 | MX16.1 Linux Review - The Swiss Army Knife Distro

Video review by Linux Quest, published June 17, 2017. Very positive review of someone who has been running MX-16.1 for a week already. Concentrates on the work done by the Dev Team to make the user comfortable with setup and customization by means of MX Tools and default configuration.

MX 16 | La MX Linux 16.1, un ultime hommage à la Debian GNU/Linux Jessie ?

Video and short review by Frederic Bezies, published June 11, 2017. Critical of the use of an old kernel rather than one of the LTS ones available, and of the incomplete localization by default of the major apps such as Thunderbird, Firefox or LibreOffice.

MX 16 | MX 16.1

Video tour by ubuntu made simple, published June 10, 2017. showing the Welcome screen, MX Tools, and many other features in some detail.

MX 16 | MX 16.1 Beta (AMAZING)

Video review by Sudo Reboot, published May 28, 2017. Enthusiastic and detailed look at the beta, with particular attention to the changes in MX Tools, especially Package Installer.

MX 16 | MX-16 - Linux OS Review

Video review by quidsup, published February 23, 2017. Says that MX is one of the most requested for review, and that he has had no issues, finds it very stable and concludes that it does what he expected it to do. Sees a limiting factor when trying to run it on brand new hardware, but otherwise it should be fine. "Why is MX so good? I don't know. Perhaps because it works, does its job and keeps out of the way."

MX 16 | MX-16 Xfce: very close to the ideal

Blog post by DarkDuck on LinuxBlog, published February 7, 2016. Tested Live and found that everything worked out of the box, including: wireless networking, samba browsing of network drives, mp3s, videos, and YouTube. Did not like the gloomy theme and found the fonts blurry at times, but otherwise very positive: "It would be an ideal distribution for me, if it were not for [those] two very small issues."

MX 16 | MX Linux 16 Metamorphosis: Debian más fácil todavía

Review by Enrique Bravo published in Colaboratorio, February 1, 2017. A thorough look at MX-16 with many useful comments. Does not like the retro look, but admits he is coming from Plasma 5. Praises the attention to making things easier for users, and comments about the Users Manual that it is "a clear example of a committed project with clear ideas."

MX 16 | MX Linux 16 | Linux Distribution, First Impressions Review

Video review by Chris Were, published January 14, 2017. Thoughtful look at various features, along with many judgments based on personal preferences. "I think this is filling a very much-desired demographic: people who love Debian, but don't always have patience with the Debian way...Solid distribution, definitely one to watch."

MX 16 | MX Linux MX-16 Metamorphosis - Winds of change

Blog post by Dedoimedo, January 14, 2017. Careful look at Live and Installed sessions, finding much positive. Identifies a number of smaller problems to be worked on: multimedia, icons, etc. Concludes: "MX-16 is a great choice for a lightweight desktop. Xfce has come a long way, and you get all the essentials you expect from a home system. It's all there, plus good looks, plus speed that rivals anything out there, among the best battery life numbers, great stability, and even some extra unique features like the live session save and MX Tools. A most worthy combo. All in all, 9.5/10. Warmly recommended for testing and sampling."


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