MX 15 | MX Linux 15 "Fusion" - Debian With Users In Mind

Video review by Yonn Lopez. Published Jan 1, 2016. Extensive tour and commentary of Final, with a focus on utility. Comments: "They really have thought about a lot of details...MX-15 just keeps getting better!"

MX 15 | Leichtgewichtige Distribution für ältere Rechner

Review of MX-15 final by Ferdinand Thommes. Published Dec 26, 2015.. A technical perspective on the suitability of MX-15 for older computers. He also discusses the LiveUSB setup: "antiX MX is also interesting for the various options offered of running the system from a USB stick."

MX 15 | AntiX MX-15 : une bonne distribution GNU/Linux à destination bureautique pour les fans de Debian qui n’aiment pas systemd?

Blog review of MX-15 RC 1 by Frederic Bezies. Published Dec 21, 2015. Loves the simplicity of the Installer, posts an interesting video of post-installation setup ( to show the ease of use and the intellectual pleasure of it all, and praises MX Tools. "C’est une distribution à surveiller de très près" (This is a distro to watch very closely).

MX 15 | MX-15 beta 1

Video review of MX-15 Beta 1 by Ghost Sixtyseven. Published Nov 9, 2015. "It's looking good!"

MX 15 | MX-15 Beta 1 Linux For Everyone

Video review of MX-15 Beta1 by Linux Help Guy. Published on Nov 9, 2015. "It's a distro that doesn't mess you about, it does what it says it does."

MX 14 | antiX Linux Doesn't Fool Around

Jack M. Germain in Linux Insider reviews MX 14.4 on June 15, 2015. "The antiX Linux distro is an outstanding operating system that performs flawlessly. It lacks the special effects of desktops such as Cinnamon, KDE and Unity, but older computers tend to be unable to run them properly. Linux offers numerous distro choices for legacy computers. antiX Linux, especially the latest release of special edition MX-14, should be at the top of your must-try list."

MX 14 | Linux Help Guy

Video review of MX 14.4 on April 16, 2015. "The two key features are rock-solid stability and friendly familiar useability. I absoloutely 100% cannot fault this distribution. When something is this good, ladies and gentlemen, do not pass it up!"

MX 14 | AntiX MX-14.3 review

Dedoimedo in his blog, January 16, 2015. "I believe the idea of any and every product is to excel at what it does, and so, to beat competition, Antix MX-14.3 must play its strong cards, performance and MX applications, against their strong cards. For instance, being able to customize the desktop is a basic necessity. You can't be having bogus messages about browser plugins, now can you. And so we go back to the missing stuff. Indeed, this distro is not yet good enough to fight against the likes of Xubuntu and friends, but then, in the Xfce world, it's very difficult nailing down the formula. Even Xubuntu sucked for a long time before it flourished. The truth is, it won't take much for Antix to fill its gaps, but it will take a mindset change. Anyhow, this latest version gets 6.5/10. An improvement, but there's more to be done."

MX 14 | Best Xfce distro of 2014

Dedoimedo in Netrunner MAG, December 13, 2014. "It hasn’t really rang my bell, but it’s an interesting contestant, because it represents the whole side of the Linux community that normally escapes the headlines and fanboy storms. Debian based, with Mepis elements fused in. As such, it’s an example of a project with a noble mission and ignoble results. The composition just does not gel, despite some brilliant bits and pieces. Overall, Antix is not a distro that you can easily sell to new users and fresh Windows converts, but it could be a useful alternative to those with middling or high Linux skills, who take personal interest and pride in tweaking their boxes, and damn be the press releases. However, the effort alone deserves mention, and we can hope the full potential of what Antix can be is going to be unleashed unto the masses one day."

MX 14 | antiX/MEPIS MX-14.3 Symbiosis: Neue Version der schnellen Distribution

Christian Kopp in Adopters - Technik und Politik, December 3, 2014. Highlights translated from the German: "MX a special GNU/Linux distribution with Xfce as Desktop Environment, which appears to be perfect not only for systems with older hardware but also for Notebooks and computers with small screens. Moreover MX-14 (Codename 'Symbiosis') runs absolutely stable, needs little memory and is as a whole quite easy to use."


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