Upgrading from MX-19 to MX-21 without reinstalling

DISCLAIMER: This how-to is for the benefit of advanced users who are comfortable with the command line and willing to research and fix things if things go wrong, it’s not guaranteed to work and is not supported in any way by the dev team. As always, when upgrading from a Debian base to another one … Read more


Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) software is produced in such a way that it allows a second party to adapt original software (here: an MX release) to new usage. This is useful for selling or giving away a computer with an OS pre-loaded on it. Any MX Linux version can be installed as an OEM by using … Read more

Tint2 (panel)

Introduction tint2 is a simple panel/taskbar made for modern X window managers. It was specifically made for Openbox, but functions well with Fluxbox and Xfce. It is highly configurable and is used to provide a traditional panel for MX-Fluxbox 2.2 and later. Installation MX-Fluxbox users will have it installed by default. Others may install it … Read more

Detailed ISO list

ISOs for latest release Select a mirror near you OR one of the “Anywhere” mirrors Last edited: September 9, 2022 Location Xfce KDE/plasma Fluxbox Snapshots Anywhere SourceForge 64 bit 32 bit ahs-64 bit KDE-64 bit fluxbox-64 bit fluxbox-32 bit List Anywhere OSDN 64 bit 32 bit ahs-64 bit KDE-64 bit fluxbox-64 bit fluxbox-32 bit Argentina … Read more

HELP: Rofi

Introduction Rofi is an X11 pop-up window switcher, run dialog, script launcher and more. It focuses on being fast to use and causing minimal distraction. This Help file describes it as installed in MX-Fluxbox 2.2 and later to function as the run app instead of the native fbrun. Usage The app can be launched in … Read more

HELP: MX Dockmaker

Introduction MX-Dockmaker is a GUI application for MX-Fluxbox. It is designed to make the creating and managing of docks–that is, of a series of program launchers–easy for the average user. It makes use of a recent CLI app developed by Sébastien Ballet called wmalauncher. The docks are basically scripts that set the location and list … Read more

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