HELP: Disk Manager

General caution

  • Because Disk Manager writes directly to a critical system configuration file, make sure all the right boxes are checked and all the right settings are applied before you exit. If you have questions about how to proceed, post over on the MX Forum.
  • DM is intended for use on local partitions only. If you have remote partitions listed in fstab, they will be ignored or possibly even destroyed, so check fstab before rebooting.

Menu bar

  • File
    • Save: saves the current settings.


The following guide was first worked out by MX Linux user joany, and includes additional information by Danum and other MX Users.
NOTE: there is a monthly snapshot ISO of MX KDE available in the Remastered repo. While not an official release, this installable ISO image provides a completely up-to-date version of MX OS with a pre-configured KDE desktop.


runlevel 3 option

<repeating this for MX-15>

There are no on-screen directions to get to runlevel 3, and even reasonably competent users have trouble figuring how to get there. Would like to have a simple visible option to do that so that the average user can figure it out without trouble. Could it be put into one of the Fn keys?


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