HELP: MX Installateur AMD ATI et Nvidia


Les pilotes graphiques peuvent être extrêmement pénibles à installer, avec plusieurs étapes et de nombreux redémarrages. Cet Outil MX offre une méthode d’installation indolore des pilotes AMD/ATI ou Nvidia. Comme le code source utilisé (ddm-mx) est le même pour toutes les cartes, elles sont traitées ici en même temps bien qu’elles aient des icônes différenciées sur le tableau de bord de MX Outils.



Zsync is a file transfer program that runs on the command line. It allows you to download a file from a remote server of which you already have an older copy on your computer. zsync uses one or more "input" files that you name with the "-i" option, that file is analysed and the data that is identical is reused and only the changes are downloaded.


It's in the repos and can be installed in the usual manner.


Once installed, the program can be used following this model:

Thunar -- Custom actions


Thunar has a selection of extensions that allows users to create custom actions that can extend its functionality. These actions operate on files and folders found within Thunar and can do anything from bulk-renaming to running specialized scripts. The MX Linux devs created many useful ones that show up in the context menu, but users can easily create their own.


[insert 2 sides of an existing custom action here]






For some purposes, it may be desirable to lock down an application or system in order to protect it from users. Examples include computers in a school or public location for general use, where the file system, desktop and internet access need to be closed. Full OS such as Porteus exist, but this page is limited to the use of MX Linux in kiosk mode.



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