This Wiki page is intended to help MX Linux users understand the distro's Twitter account. The account tries to provide rapid information about developments within the distro, covering the range from server problems to new packages.

You can view it without joining, but you will have interactive options if you create an account of your own in the following way:


You can look at a Netflix show/movie on MX-15, but the method varies by the architecture of your system (enter inxi -S in a terminal if you are unsure).

64 bit architecture

This is straightforward: just install Google Chrome from MX Package Installer and Netflix will work OOTB.

32 bit architecture

Google no longer provides a 32bit version of Chrome, so you need to use a workaround.

xscreensaver and the New Login Button

By default, xscreensaver looks for a service called gdmflexiserver to provide a "New Login" function from within the screensaver, so that a different user than has the screen locked can login.

This does not work with lightdm, which is what MX uses.

This can be made to work with a little extra code in an ~/.Xresources file.

Create ~/.Xresources 

with the following contents:

xscreensaver.newLoginCommand: dm-tool switch-to-greeter

HELP: MX USB Unmounter

MX USB Unmounter

A tool that resides in the system tray / notificiation area that allows for easy unmounting of usb devices as well as optical discs.  USB Storage, MTP devices, and GPHOTO2 devices are supported.  Optical disc drives are also supported.

The system tray icon is a standard "eject" symbol (actual icon varies with system icon theme).


Right clicking the icon will bring up a context menu.

HELP: MX Test Repo Installer

---NOTE: This package is deprecated from MX-16.1 on, having been merged with MX Package Installer



MX Test Repo Installer 

Allows the user to browse and install packages from the mx test repository directly without the need to first enable the testing repo.  The test repo will be enabled as needed and then disabled after the selected apps are installed.

Install Apps


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