HELP: MX System Sounds

MX System Sounds 



There are three main areas to MX System Sounds.

1. XFCE Event Sounds

These settings correspond to the EVENT SOUNDS settings found in the Appearance > Settings.  Either Appearance or MX System Sounds may be used to adjust these preferences.

2.  Session Sounds

Greybird-thick-grip & Greybird-thin-grip themes GTK3 problems

Users reported problems with Greybird-thick-grip & Greybird-thin-grip themes when using GTK3-based applications. Prolblem was solved by backporting sources from the Debian Stretch version of murrine themes (murrine-themes_0.98.10_all), specifically the greybird theme, and integrating with our own window border changes. All changes have been pushed to GitHub at anticapitalista/mx-greybird-themes.and the updated themes were distributed via the MX repo.

Bluetooth failure

A few reports have been made about BT failure: Gaer Boy, m_pav, and now most famously Dedoimedo in his recent review. We need to collect hardware and software information and take a look at the question for MX-16


gdevilspie is a neat little GTK+ app that serves as a frontend (GUI) for devilspie2 that makes all sorts of detailed manipulations on windows very easy. In general, it is used by creating a new rule, describing what you want to manipulate and how it should act. Details can be found under Links, below.



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