HELP: MX System Sounds

MX System Sounds 



There are three main areas to MX System Sounds.

1. XFCE Event Sounds

These settings correspond to the EVENT SOUNDS settings found in the Appearance > Settings.  Either Appearance or MX System Sounds may be used to adjust these preferences.

2.  Session Sounds

Greybird-thick-grip & Greybird-thin-grip themes GTK3 problems

Users reported problems with Greybird-thick-grip & Greybird-thin-grip themes when using GTK3-based applications. Prolblem was solved by backporting sources from the Debian Stretch version of murrine themes (murrine-themes_0.98.10_all), specifically the greybird theme, and integrating with our own window border changes. All changes have been pushed to GitHub at anticapitalista/mx-greybird-themes.and the updated themes were distributed via the MX repo.

Bluetooth failure

A few reports have been made about BT failure: Gaer Boy, m_pav, and now most famously Dedoimedo in his recent review. We need to collect hardware and software information and take a look at the question for MX-16


gdevilspie is a neat little GTK+ app that serves as a frontend (GUI) for devilspie2 that makes all sorts of detailed manipulations on windows very easy. In general, it is used by creating a new rule, describing what you want to manipulate and how it should act. Details can be found under Links, below.


HELP: MX Repo Manager


This tool greatly simplifies the process of changing the package repositories  that are use for updating/upgrading and installation. For a general background on repositories, consult Section 5.2 of the relevant Users Manual.

The sources are set during installation depending on the selected timezone and language, and will generally work well. But there are many instances where a user might wish to change those selections.


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