This document was created from testing notes on MX-15 Beta 2 during development by user hierax_ca--much appreciated!

600x (2645-5FU) 2000-01 (CPU: P3-650MHz, RAM: 576MB, VRAM:4MB)

Users Manual -- translations

The Users Manual is produced by the MX Linux Community in American Standard English. It can be converted to another language using the Google Translate pull-down menu, which provides a basic translation which, though useful, is often difficult to understand.

Community members are working on correcting these machine translations (THANKS!), beginning with Sections 1 (Introduction) and 3 (Configuration). This page keeps track of the completed Sections by language.

Lenovo s21e tips and tricks

There are a few things to know if you are going to use a Lenovo s21e with MX-15.


1.  The installer on the MX-15 isos cannot use the long device names of the internal eMMC drive in the machine.  Do a dist-upgrade with the live media before attempting an install, as the installer was upgraded after MX-15's initial release.


VPN problems

Network Manager seems to have many problems. See material referenced in Wiki entry "VPN" This is an upstream problem with a workaround in the works.



--NetworkManager won't reconnect without rebooting computer

Depending on which VPN client you use (OpenVPN handles this correctly), you may experience this problem. This may be solved by disabling the firewall, since not all VPN clients are able to negotiate it.


Installing a snapshot iso to hard disk produeces an error when rebooting/powering off, "a startpar error, usually related to rsyslogd or rpcbind or some other service not terminating".


Hulu (and possibly other sites requiring Flash DRM) and MX-15

MX-15 as shipped comes with a combination of pepperflash (Google's special adobe flash) along with the freshplayerplugin (which allows pepperflash usage in firefox).

This is great for the most part.  Firefox gets a fully up-to-date flash.  

Unless your favorite website still uses adobe flash drm components.  In the USA, the big culprit is Hulu, the streaming TV site.  If you try to launch Hulu in Firefox MX-15, you will get a warning about updating your flashplayer.  


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