wifi suspend issues

Wifi works great, except resuming from Suspend

Troubleshooting: Does it work if you click on the network widget in the taskbar, then disconnect and reconnect to the access point? Some laptops would exhibit this symptom--it would say it was connected after the resume, but no bits would come over the connection until the above was executed. steveo's fix was to add the wi-fi driver module to a file that unloads it before suspend and reloads it after resume.

From a command line use

HELP: MX Cleanup

This application offers several easy actions to check and increase hard drive space.

  • Folders
  • Apt (Installation)
    • Old files are ones that can no longer be downloaded
  • Logs
    • Old logs end in .gz, .old, and .1
  • Trash

Baobab (Disk Usage Analyzer) gives a very nice graphical display of your used space


Xfce menus

<Menus are complicated in Xfce, so this slightly edited post by ToZ on the Xfce Forum is very helpful>


There are 3 places where the could reside:




Last update: June 6, 2018

Can I use Ubuntu PPAs?

Ubuntu is not Debian, so installing PPAs will likely cause problems.

See this for more details:

Solution: Go to the request forum for your MX version, under Community Repository (CR), and ask our Packaging Devs if the PPA can be be ported or updated for our own repository.

HELP: Conky Manager (fr.)

Ce fichier d’aide pour Conky Manager est simplement conçu pour guider les nouveaux utilisateurs. Un manuel complet est disponible auprès du développeur moyennant une donation via PayPal: "Le manuel comprend une description détaillée des fonctionnalités ainsi que les étapes requises pour créer des paquets de thème et pour résoudre les problèmes courants."

HELP: Synaptic (it)

5.3 Synaptic Synaptic è un interfaccia grafica (GUI), amichevole e facile da usare, di APT: il sistema di gestione dei pacchetti. Si tratta di uno strumento grafico che consente di installare, rimuovere, aggiornare o ottenere informazioni su tutti i pacchetti software archiviati nei repository. Si fa presente che verrà richiesta la password di root e, ovviamente, è necessario essere connessi a Internet.

5.3.1 Installazione e rimozione di pacchetti Installazione

HELP: Synaptic

5.3 Synaptic

Synaptic is a friendly, easy-to-use frontend (GUI) to the APT packaging system. It is a graphical tool that allows you to install, remove, upgrade, downgrade, or get information on all the software packages available in the online repositories on your repository list. Note that your root password is required and, naturally, you will need to be connected to the Internet.

5.3.1 Installing and removing packages


HELP: Synaptic (ru)

5.3 Synaptic


Synaptic является дружественной, с простым в использовании интерфейсом (GUI), программой для системы пакетов APT. Это графический инструмент, который позволяет установить, удалить, обновить, понизить версию, или получить информацию о всех программных пакетах, доступных в онлайн-хранилищах в Вашем списке репозиториев. Обратите внимание, что требуется Ваш пароль суперпользователя, и, естественно, Вы должны быть подключены к Интернету.


5.3.1 Installing and removing packages



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