This document was created from testing notes on MX-15 Beta 2 during development by user hierax_ca--much appreciated!

600x (2645-5FU) 2000-01 (CPU: P3-650MHz, RAM: 576MB, VRAM:4MB)

Users Manual -- translations

The Users Manual is produced by the MX Linux Community in American Standard English. It can be converted to another language using the Google Translate pull-down menu, which provides a basic translation which, though useful, is often difficult to understand.

Community members are working on correcting these machine translations (THANKS!), beginning with Sections 1 (Introduction) and 3 (Configuration). This page keeps track of the completed Sections by language.

Voume icon disappears

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If the volume is above 100%, and the volume icon is clicked to mute, clicking it again to unmute makes it disappear. This post references an alternate volume control.

Keystroke combo for Help is wrong

The keystroke for bringing up Help (AKA Users Manual) should be Alt-F1, as the Manual has stated since the beginning. Somewhere along the way, that was changed to Alt-1 by mistake.

Could be fixed by distributing a new xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts.xml, which is located in ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/, with a changed line 37 or 38:

HELP: MX Switch User

Once Switchuser has been enabled, Sessions can be switched back and forth between users without closing. Keystrokes for navigation:
  • Ctrl-Alt-F7 for the original user
  • Ctrl-Alt-F8 for the second user
The tool can be run conveniently by clicking on the users icon at the top of the Start menu; if not present, right-click the Menu icon ≻ Properties ≻ Behavior tab, check the Switch Users box and enter the command mx-switchuser.


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