Automount usb sticks and cd/dvd discs in antiX

There are a couple of ways to achieve automounting of usb sticks and cd/dvd discs in antiX.  The easiest was is to use the spacefm desktop and/or spacefm in daemon mode.

However, there is another low resource utility that can help with this problem, and its useable even in a console.

The utility is called devmon, and its available in default installs of antiX-15.

By default, issueing just




will start a daemon that will monitor events and then use udevil to mount a drive/disc at /media/mountpoint.  

localize-repo and UTC bug

if UTC is selected as timezone via boot menu, during init an error message is displayed "localize-repo error... no code found for"
and content of /etc/apt/sources.list.d/antix.list is changed to
deb http:///jessie jessie main nosystemd dev (path only, no hostname)
and multiple lines within of /etc/apt/sources.list.d/debian.list are changed to ftp..debian (invalid hostname, double dots)

Fixed in new localize-repo script (new apt-antix deb) and on live system in antiX-15.1


roxterm scrolling

X11 terminals to scroll to the bottom when I hit a key so I can see what I'm typing. This is off by default on roxterm but can be enabled either via their preferences GUI or by adding the following line to the ~/.config/ file scroll_on_keystroke=1

Uploaded desktop-defaults-rox uses this fix. antiX-15.1 ships with new default. (both in base and full) Edit Bootloader Menu fails to open all options.

Fixed in uploaded antixcc debs and on antiX-15.1 iso


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