A symlink (=symbolic link) is a special kind of file that points to another file, like a shortcut.

Custom action

Xfce provides a [[custom action]] for symlink that is supplied by default with MX Linux: right-click what you want to link to (the target) and select symlink; copy that symlink and paste it where you want to link from (the source).

An alternative has been developed by user kmathern that is simpler and more intuitive:

Time formats in scripts

This list was posted by ajgreeny on the Ubuntu forum, though the information can be found many places on the web. These codes can be very useful in deciphering conky texts.


Complete list of FORMAT control characters supported by date command, e. g. FORMAT controls the output and can be the combination of any one of the following:

MX Translations - Coordinator


The MX translations coordinator acts as an interface between the developers who originate the content and the translation team. The coordinator receives requests and instructions from the developers, prepares the work for the translators, monitors the progress of the translations, and sends the completed work back to the developers for incorporation into the applications.


MX Translations - Translator


The MX translator is a key member of the MX team. We welcome your participation and thank you for your efforts to bring MX Linux to a wider comunity.



Translation of MX applications is done through the facilities of Transifex -

MX and antiX are closely related projects, and work together on Transifex under the "antix-development" project name. To obtain an account and become a member of the translation team:

MX Translations - Developer

Here is some basic information for making an MX Linux QT, shell, or Python app ready to display translations of embedded English text.



First, in your main.cpp, include the following statements, substituting the application's name as appropriate in "yourappname_" and "/usr/share/yourappname/locale":

Translation of MX apps


MX desires to be useful to as many people as possible. To that end, we wish to have the MX apps able to display text in the language of the user's locale. The work required to do this can be broken down into two general processes:

(1) Internationalization of MX apps


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