MX Remaster

ATTENZIONE: questi strumenti sono da usare solo in una sessione Live!



In genere si prevede di utilizzare un dispositivo USB Live come sistema di destinazione per la propria versione personale di MX Linux. (Se si sta utilizzando un Hard Disk Live allora si avrà bisogno di creare prima un LiveUSB o un LiveCD dall'Hard Disk Live per poi poter installare altrove.)

Ci sono alcuni semplici requisiti di sistema necessari per eseguire la rimasterizzazione:


A chroot is an operation that changes the apparent root directory for the current running process and its children. Its many uses include recovery: should a system be rendered unbootable, a chroot can be used to move back into the damaged environment after bootstrapping from an alternate root file system (such as from installation media or  other Live medium). (Wikipedia)

HELP: live-usb kernel updater

[This page reproduces the file on the GitHub account of the application's developer, BitJam, last accessed on December 6 6, 2017. The user is referred to that page for further information and updates.]

This is a command line program that updates the kernel on a antiX or MX live-usb. It can update a running live-usb or a live-usb that is plugged into a host system.

Quick Start


Zram is a kernel feature that provides a form of virtual memory compression. It increases performance by avoiding paging to disk and using a compressed block device in RAM instead, inside which paging takes place until it is necessary to use the swap space on a hard disk drive.


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