HELP: live-usb kernel updater

[This page reproduces the file on the GitHub account of the application's developer, BitJam, last accessed on December 6 6, 2017. The user is referred to that page for further information and updates.]

This is a command line program that updates the kernel on a antiX or MX live-usb. It can update a running live-usb or a live-usb that is plugged into a host system.

Quick Start


Zram is a kernel feature that provides a form of virtual memory compression. It increases performance by avoiding paging to disk and using a compressed block device in RAM instead, inside which paging takes place until it is necessary to use the swap space on a hard disk drive.

Mirroring MX/antiX Linux

Two rsync archives can be mirrored for MX Linux: an ISO archive and a package archive. The MX-ISOs archive also contains ISOs of recent releases of antiX versions (antiX Base, antiX Core and antiX Full). The package archive now also includes a mirror of the antiX package repositories. If you decide to mirror us, please let us know using devs AT mxlinux DOT org.


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