Mirroring MX/antiX Linux

Two rsync archives can be mirrored for MX Linux: an ISO archive and a package archive. The MX-ISOs archive also contains ISOs of recent releases of antiX versions (antiX Base, antiX Core and antiX Full). The package archive now also includes a mirror of the antiX package repositories. If you decide to mirror us, please let us know using devs AT mxlinux DOT org.


Thinkpads and antiX/MX


The first Thinkpad was produced in 1992 by International Business Machines – IBM. About a decade later, this part of IBM's business was taken over by Lenovo with the transfer being completed in 2005, although the business arrangment provided for IBM to continue the sale of Thinkpads for several more years. A table of Model Numbers and their year of first appearance is in Thinkwiki. Links from the Numbers in this table provide more information for most models.

Remastered versions

This page provides access to Community remasterings of antiX and antiX MX. These are NOT official releases, though they have been vetted by at least one member of the Dev Team, and thus do not carry the guarantees and support that the official releases enjoy. But they may be of interest to users and are listed here for their convenience.

Note that these ISOs, like official releases and the monthly update/upgrades, are signed by the developer; see this Wiki page for details on use.

Intel Wireless Blinking LED indicator light.

Most laptops have a hardware LED light to indicate status of the wireless connection.  Many devices that use Intel wireless drivers default to a LED light that blinks with activity.  This can be annoying to some people.  You can use the following to change the mode of the blinking LED to something more to your liking.

Create a file in /etc/modprobe.d/ called wifi_intel.conf (name not really important) and put in the following:

options MODNAME led_mode=X

where X is one of the following Numbers


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