You can provide your own name for commands using the alias command. An alias allows a user to create simple names or abbreviations (even consisting of just a single character) for commands, regardless of how complex the original commands are, and then use them in the same way that ordinary commands are used.


In its simplest form, you just set the  command name you want to use equal to the original command, which you surround with single quotes. For example, if a user wants to exit with a personal command such as cu (i.e., "see you"):



A computer firewall is simply a piece of hardware or software that prevents unwanted, possibly malicious, outside access to your computer through your Internet connection. In its simplest and strictest sense, such firewalls block or simply ignore incoming attempts by outside systems to establish a connection to your computer, while, at the same time, allowing your computer to originate and establish connections with other outside systems.


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