Rsync mirror script

Current Rsync Server Script 01/23/2019 for syncing from source forge with direct uploads to head rsync mirror.
Builds rsync mirror directory structure.
Compares and downloads with Source Forge
Sets directly uploaded files to mirror.

HELP: MX Remaster

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WARNING: these tools are for use in a Live session only!



Typically you will be using a LiveUSB as your target system for your customized version of MX Linux. (If you are using a LiveHD then you will need to create a LiveUSB or a LiveCD from the LiveHD in order to install elsewhere.)


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NOTE: In general, it is preferable to first try to find a NATIVE wifi driver for your wifi-adapter. But, sometimes that driver is incomplete (not all features work yet) or a native driver may not exist at all yet. So, since there is probably a working Windows-driver that works in Windows, Linux can use that driver directly, via 'Ndiswrapper'!


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