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Test of flatpak in VM of MX17.1 beta (default sysvinit). Steps I took to install lollypop flatpak:

1. installed flatpak using Synaptic.
2. visited this page for a list of flatpak apps:
3. scrolled down to the lollypop entry, right-clicked on icon and chose "copy link location" from context menu (see note 1 below)
4. opened terminal and installed lollypop using this command:

Snap packages on MX-17

The problem: Snap packages, or more specifically the snapd daemon which manages Snap packages, relies on systemd. Not only must systemd be installed, but it needs to be running as PID 1. The snapd software uses systemd's systemctl program to perform a few tasks like mounting and unmounting package archives (packages are squashfs files). When systemctl is called when systemd is not running as PID 1, it will fail. Neither systemd nor Snap developers have worked around these issues.


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