My raison d’être for using MX is its incredible versatility–it just works.  On everything I’ve ever thrown it on. Never met a wifi chipset it wasn’t able to detect–in the background–and connect with my ancient Belkin router OOTB. It’s easy to update, modify and enhance, especially with apt-get. You can add other debian-based repositories to it (such as Sparky’s). And the modified Xfce interface is easy to get used to, doesn’t get in the way, and doesn’t seem to bog down the limited system resources of even the most decrepit Atom n270 netbooks–even with just 1 GB of RAM.  It also works great on my 12 GB i5 notebook.


I have been using MX for some months. MX is in my opinion the best distro I tried in many years:
-incredibly user friendly, but configurable in the very detail.
-good documentation
-comes with a large amount of programs, with all you might need for to work and to configure properly your system the easiest way
-very stable and reliable
-extremely low-resources demanding (It compete with all low-resources distro)

I therefore suggest everybody to give it a try: I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised by it.


You have such a wonderful operating system that can prolong the life of older hardware. Guys like you make this possible when curious challenges arise. I have installed MX just now (zero issues) for a relative and it looks like it will also be MX as well for the next ones.


There have been many distros that claim to be great for anyone migrating from Windows but in my opinion, MX16 is the ultimate and I have little doubt that if those of you who are developers and core team members continue on the track you are on, Distrowatch and others one day will trumpet MX16 as an ideal solution.


I first used Linux around 20 years ago. I didn’t use it much. Used it for the past year tho. I checked out the live MX-16. I can’t believe it! This distro is so cool. I can hardly believe it could be like this. Other distros, you wonder why they hide settings not where you think they should be. Some have menus that are hard to read, you wonder why they do this. I can’t believe how much MX-16 is laid out so good. No hunting for where things are. Everything is in plain site. Man, this is so cool. It even has flgrx right off the menu! For people who don’t have the skills to make there own distro, you kind of think in your mind of what the most awesome distro would look like. Everything you could think of is here in MX-16. This is unbelievable.


As posted on our Facebook page.

“The Green Door is an emergency shelter in Diepsloot (Johannesburg, South Africa) where victims of bullying, domestic and sexual abuse can take refuge and receive help. And they’re now running MX-17. I thought you’d all like to know. And I’d like to personally thank the developers who made this possible!”

Mike Stroud with Brenda Ross

Love the work you”re doing, love the videos, love the support I’m seeing here in the forum. You guys are awesome!!


Thank you and the team for a cracking distro. I made the donation because I now have both my personal and business machines powered by MX-16. It’s been faultless since the beta. For my business I was looking for stability and dependability. Xfce on top of Debian was an obvious choice and it hasn’t disappointed. MX-16 is rock solid. It’s also quick, with an intuitive and rapid installer – spot on. I’ve been distro hopping for quite a while but now I’ve found MX I think I’ll be staying! All the best, and keep up the good work!


After trying some distros (Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Linux Mint, Manjaro, Fedora) and having nothing but trouble (maybe im a little rusty in this regard) I ended up with MX-linux. I most say that you guys have done an amazing job here. Not only is the system very well equipped with an appropriate selection of software and tools but this distro is the only one that works as expected -and it is also very beautiful! – so kudos to you guys!


Thanks for the great work to provide us with MX-16. Five years ago I switched from a non-fre​​e OS to Linux-Mint, later to Sparky Linux, finally discovered Antix/MX-15 and now I’m glad to have this slim, reliable, comfortable and elegant MX-16 distribution.


I’ve finally tried MX Linux and I like it …a lot!
It’s polished and efficient. One of the best Xfce implementation I’ve ever seen. It’s lightning fast on old and low spec hardware, on par with pure Debian Xfce (memory usage is less than 300MB for the 64 bit version). Has system sounds turned on and actually working (It’s damn difficult, generally, turning on sounds in Xfce). It’s forum seems active and friendly .

I’ve installed MX 16 on two Desktop PCs and one netbook. Now MX Linux it’s in my top preferred distros.


MX Linux