Translations needed for new unified MX and antiX installer!

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One of the things going on behind the scenes at the MX and antiX projects has been the re-unification of the source code base for our installers, which were diverging and basically causing some un-needed double work for both projects.  There are several new developer features in the consolidated installer (now sourced as gazelle-installer) which will allow the projects to make improvements without the need for multiple code branches.

New developer features are configurable through a gazelle-installer-data package.  These features include:

  1. Filling in of project name and other project data into the installer's help and sidebar texts.
  2. Configuration of minumum partition size for targert root partitions.
  3. Customization of services listed in the Services enable/disble area of the installer.
  4. fstab configuration (2 modes, minimum or all devices found).

There is also proof of concept for adding additional features down the road so that antiX and MX can offer differing options should the projects desire.

New user features include:

  1. Improved setup for keyboard layouts.
  2. Improved support for nmve and mmcblk devices in the autoinstaller.
  3. Improved support for 32 bit UEFI devices.

But due to the generalization of the text strings in the installer, we need help updating our translations.  If you would like to help, check out the antiX transifex site here and pitch in on the translation update!  You'll be helping both MX and antiX in a big way!

Special thanks to adrian (MX) and anticapitalista (antiX) for the major help in getting the re-unificiation project code complete!