MX 19.2 Base Edition Personal Respin

MX-Base released with all the goodness of MX but minimal apps

Available in both 32-bit (Xfce and Fluxbox) and 64-bit (Xfce only) variants, the Dev team are pleased to announce our first Base version is available. Like MX Workbench, it is a personal respin that has been reviewed by the Dev Team; MX Dev m_pav has been developing and testing this for a long time.

These MX-19.2 base ISOs have been designed to contain the full goodness of the MX Linux system, without the accompanying desktop, productivity apps, games, etc normally found on our regular ISO. For all intents and purposes, they will work just like any other MX system, except you get to choose your own apps and additional features. The Xfce ISOs do not include MX-Fluxbox, which is available in a dedicated release using the most recent version 2.2

MX-Base is perfect for people who desire to run MX in a single use environment. Here are some real world examples of tested employment of such Base systems.

  • Personal Samba File and Print Server
  • VirtualBox host
  • Surveillance System host
  • Personal Web Server
  • Clean Development platform host
  • Remote Desktop host
  • Wireless DHCP & NAT Router (Personal Hotspot)

3 ISO’s have been made available.

  • MX-19.2_base_x64.iso – Xfce 64-bit, 1.1GB
  • MX-19.2_base_386.iso – Xfce 32-bit 1.1GB
  • MX-19.2_flux_base_386.iso – Fluxbox 32-bit 1.2GB

Download from our Sourceforge Community_Respins repo

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32 thoughts on “MX 19.2 Base Edition Personal Respin”

    • The purpose of these ISO’s are so users can build them into whatever they desire, knowing these are clean builds that contain all the special features MX brings to the table. My goal was not to provide a minimal build, but a feature rich build that retains 100% of our special flavour.

      If you want to find the differences, you only need to compare the package list output from any of the base ISO’s with the regular MX ISO of the same architecture using the following command, send the output to a text file and compare them yourself. I recommend using meld
      apt-mark showinstalled > output.txt

      You could also watch my short YouTube video where you’ll find a link in the Forum post.

  1. Sorry, damn machine translation – Couldn’t you make a 64 bit Fluxbox iso? It would be useful to test other Desktop Environments in MXLinux

    • You can do that easily yourself, that’s what these Base ISO’s are all about. All you have to do is install Fluxbox onto a Live-USB, set the default Desktop to load and remaster the Live-USB (while running live) and select personal. That’s not how I made the ISO’s, but it the closest you can get.

      sudo apt install mx-fluxbox fluxbox mxfb-docs mxfb-art mx-idesktool mx-dockmaker

  2. Thanks a lot was desperately seeking this release. Great for people all the office apps graphics programs has been removed. My idea was a light weight Linux which I will use only as a server. it serves the purpose.

  3. I am just now trying fluxboxMX on an old netbook and it is running very well but the battery is draaining fast. It is only 900mhz w/1gb.RAM. Faster than XFCE version but I cant get accurate resource usage with Conky so I disabled it. The other tool is hard to read. Looks exciting so far and I will install it later. BTW my wifi is better on this fbox than regular XFCE-MX. Not sure why. Bye for now.

  4. Has public key changed?
    cannot verify iso.(no public key)
    I’v already imported Dolphin Oracle’s and Steven Pusser’s.
    Where can I get public key of this?

    • Yes, as it says in the announcement, These MX-19.2 base ISOs have been designed to contain the full goodness of the MX Linux system.

    • The Xfce ISOs have the installation tool on the Desktop. With the Fluxbox ISO, open the file browser, open the Desktop folder and you’ll find the installer. There is a video in our video library about this.

      • MX Workbench (9th October announcement) is a different product. You posted your question in the wrong place, that is why you received an answer about MX Base ISO’s.

        The MX Workbench (8th September announcement) clearly states “It is not meant to be installed, I removed the installer on purpose”, so installer assistance is very unlikely.

    • It’s on the cards, but being a personal respin, I’m waiting till the waters have settled a bit following the recent MX 19.3 release.



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