MX-19 Release Candidate 1 now available

MX-19 Release Candidate 1 available for testing

October 16s, 2019

Updated iso images

–direct download:

We are pleased to offer MX-19 RC 1 for testing purposes.

As usual, this iso includes the latest updates from debian 10.1 (buster), antiX and MX repos.

Xfce 4.14

GIMP 2.10.12
MESA 18.3.6
updated firmware
Latest debian 4.19 kernel
patched sudo info

Browser: Firefox 69
Video Player: VLC 3.0.8
Music Manager/Player: Clementine 1.3.1
Email client: Thunderbird 60.9.0
Office suite: LibreOffice 6.1.5 (plus security fixes)

and more in the MX repositories.

–New and updated mx-apps

mx-installer (based on gazelle-installer) fixes pertaining to automount and partitioning
MX Date & Time, to make clock setting chores easier
formatusb, for formatting usb storage devices
mx-packageinstaller now displays version number for flatpak applications.
mx-alerts package for sending emergency messages to users.
mx-updater no longer requires a password to check for updates (still required for installation of updates)
new wallpaper artwork (mx19-artwork package)
new app: bash-config to help with theming your bash prompt and managing aliases.
updated themes
tons of misc. updates to the mx tools.
most help files are now available on the iso
updated FAQ

-antiX live system changes

The latest antiX live system updates, included updated video configurations via vcard boot code.
improved support for frugal installations on ntfs devices
live system now boots with a informative text-based boot splash.
“safe” video boot mode from live boot menus should get you to X when all else fails.

-Improved localization
almost all mx-apps received translation updates (we love translators)


sysVinit remains the default init system. systemd is available as a boot option on installed systems (but not on live systems). In other words, exactly the same as MX17/18.

Set your gtk scaling in Appearance, log out/log in and Qt apps should follow the scaling set.

New conky configs (conky-manager for selections)

Known issues with RC:

Run all updates prior to use. Some apps have updated since the iso was built.

Some users with intel video chipsets may need to use “i915.invert_brightness=1” boot code as some machines apparently have brightness values backwards in the driver. There are also new options in the various live boot menus for this.

The RC will receive updates over time through the repositories. The RC WILL update to Final via the normal update process.

Please place any general feedback here: MX-19 RC 1 Feedback thread

Any specific bugs can go to our Bug Manager at

If posting hardware issues, please post the output of “quick-system-info” from the menu or terminal, at a minimum.

If posting nvidia-installer issues, please post the contents of /var/log/ddm.log.

If posting remaster issues, please include the contents of /var/log/live/live-remaster.log

If posting installer issues, please include the contents of /var/log/minstall.log

If posting issues with MX-PackageInstaller “Popular Apps”, please post contents of /var/log/mxpi.log or /var/log/mxpi.log.old (whichever contains the log of your issue).

Thank you!

Dolphin Oracle (on behalf of the MX Dev Team)

17 thoughts on “MX-19 Release Candidate 1 now available”

  1. MX team, I use to be a distro hopper too! But thanks to MX linux I do not hop anymore! I just run with MX Linux! Now so does my school. Thanks guys you do what I cant. Now its a RC, I can get serious to make a multi-language “MX Learner” edition for our school. If its good enough maybe I can find a way to share it.

  2. My opinion is that it would be better to place the default panel in the horizontal bottom position as I am sure most people move it there anyway?

    iPhone XR is accessible on MX-Linux 19rc1 through iDevice, well done!

    • Oui, il serait intéressant que les utilisateurs le confirme
      en tout cas ceux que je connais et moi même avons tous mis le panneau par défaut en bas.

  3. meine Notebook läuft mit MX-Linux 19. Die Darstellung von Bildschirm auf HDMI-Anschluß ist OK, aber die Sound ist nur auf Kopfhörer-Anschluß.
    Wwie kann ich die Sound auf HDMI-Anscchluß einstellen?


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