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So I don't forget.

Installer to offer multiple language/keyboard set up. For example, user may want English menus, but using a French keyboard in Spain. The live cheat options can do this (obviously not for all languages), but the installer cannot.


2 graphics drivers


If your system has both a discrete graphics card, typically Intel and an nVidia graphics card, you can install the nvidia driver using the Nvidia Graphics Installer found in MX Tools. Your card will be detected and the app will offer to install the driver including Bumblebee. The process may take some time. Upon completion reboot.


Intel video driver

Force the intel driver over the default modesetting

Make this text file


with this content:

Section "Device"
   Identifier  "Intel Graphics"
   Driver      "intel"
   Option      "TearFree"     "true"


Change acceleration method


On this page:

Though most scanners will work out of the box, there are occasionally problems that arise. This thread contains solutions that have been worked out for such problems.


This entry addresses in particular Brother Multi-Function Printers that use the brscan3 scanner driver.  It may be applicable for devices using brscan4 and newer drivers.  The solution worked for Brother MFC-9320CW.


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