Intel video driver

Force the intel driver over the default modesetting

Make this text file


with this content:

Section "Device"
   Identifier  "Intel Graphics"
   Driver      "intel"
   Option      "TearFree"     "true"


Change acceleration method


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Though most scanners will work out of the box, there are occasionally problems that arise. This thread contains solutions that have been worked out for such problems.


This entry addresses in particular Brother Multi-Function Printers that use the brscan3 scanner driver.  It may be applicable for devices using brscan4 and newer drivers.  The solution worked for Brother MFC-9320CW.

Tumbler cpu usage

<Retrieved from the Arch Wiki December 1, 2016>

Tumblerd, the service that watches the file system and notifies the system when a thumbnail needs to be made may get stuck in a loop, see the bug report. The following script is a temporary workaround to stop this from happening. Copy, and paste this into a .sh file, save it somewhere in your home directory, mark the file as executable then set up the system to autostart it at system startup.


Tumbler daemon hogging USB drives

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I discovered this issue with MX15 and it's back in MX16 RC1. After using content from any external hard disk that I connected via USB, the drive is always busy, even 10 minutes after last use. My laptop only has USB3.0. I reported it in the following thread and it's happened again, so escalating to the tracker. As my hard disks are all EXT4 formatted, I can not speak for other format types, so if testing for verification, please consider this as a potential condition.


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