MX 17

HELP: MX Cleanup

This application offers several easy actions to check and increase hard drive space.

  • Folders
  • Apt (Installation)
    • Old files are ones that can no longer be downloaded
  • Logs
    • Old logs end in .gz, .old, and .1
  • Trash

Baobab (Disk Usage Analyzer) gives a very nice graphical display of your used space


Xfce menus

<Menus are complicated in Xfce, so this slightly edited post by ToZ on the Xfce Forum is very helpful>


There are 3 places where the could reside:




Last update: June 6, 2018

Can I use Ubuntu PPAs?

Ubuntu is not Debian, so installing PPAs will likely cause problems.

See this for more details:

Solution: Go to the request forum for your MX version, under Community Repository (CR), and ask our Packaging Devs if the PPA can be be ported or updated for our own repository.


<post by user asqwerth>

Test of flatpak in VM of MX17.1 beta (default sysvinit). Steps I took to install lollypop flatpak:

1. installed flatpak using Synaptic.
2. visited this page for a list of flatpak apps:
3. scrolled down to the lollypop entry, right-clicked on icon and chose "copy link location" from context menu (see note 1 below)
4. opened terminal and installed lollypop using this command:


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