MX 17

Create a Live usb w/Persist from a Windows Desktop

This process will allow you to create either 32 or 64 bit live USB thumbdrives with persistence.

* Meaning: It'll behave just like a real system and remember what changes you make and programs you install, etc.


Desktop PC with unetbootin and both 32 & 64 bit MX .iso files on it.

* For MX Linux that would mean MX-17.n_x64.iso MX-17.n_386.iso

* 2ea blank USB thumbdrives >= 8G (recommend 8G for source drive and 32G for target/final product drive)

Watch these videos:

Reset your root and user passwords when you forgot both

So you forgot your root and user passwords?  Or maybe you don't know what they are?   Don't fret, on an installed system you can reset them, but its a little hacky and will require some console command line work.

Don't worry, its easy.

1.  Boot your machine.  At the grub boot menu menu, hit 'e' to edit the grub menu entry.

2.  find the line that reads like this:  

linux /boot/vmlinuz-xxxxx  

at the end of which are boot codes.  on the same line, at the end add


wifi suspend issues

Wifi works great, except resuming from Suspend

Troubleshooting: Does it work if you click on the network widget in the taskbar, then disconnect and reconnect to the access point? Some laptops would exhibit this symptom--it would say it was connected after the resume, but no bits would come over the connection until the above was executed. steveo's fix was to add the wi-fi driver module to a file that unloads it before suspend and reloads it after resume.

From a command line use

HELP: MX Cleanup

This application offers several easy actions to check and increase hard drive space.

  • Folders
  • Apt (Installation)
    • Old files are ones that can no longer be downloaded
  • Logs
    • Old logs end in .gz, .old, and .1
  • Trash

Baobab (Disk Usage Analyzer) gives a very nice graphical display of your used space


Xfce menus

<Menus are complicated in Xfce, so this slightly edited post by ToZ on the Xfce Forum is very helpful>


There are 3 places where the could reside:




Last update: June 6, 2018

Can I use Ubuntu PPAs?

Ubuntu is not Debian, so installing PPAs will likely cause problems.

See this for more details:

Solution: Go to the request forum for your MX version, under Community Repository (CR), and ask our Packaging Devs if the PPA can be be ported or updated for our own repository.


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