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gdevilspie is a neat little GTK+ app that serves as a frontend (GUI) for devilspie2 that makes all sorts of detailed manipulations on windows very easy. In general, it is used by creating a new rule, describing what you want to manipulate and how it should act. Details can be found under Links, below.


HELP: MX Repo Manager


This tool greatly simplifies the process of changing the package repositories  that are use for updating/upgrading and installation. For a general background on repositories, consult Section 5.2 of the relevant Users Manual.

The sources are set during installation depending on the selected timezone and language, and will generally work well. But there are many instances where a user might wish to change those selections.

Users Manual -- translations

The Users Manual is produced by the MX Linux Community in American Standard English. It can be converted to another language using the Google Translate pull-down menu, which provides a basic translation which, though useful, is often difficult to understand.

Community members are working on correcting these machine translations (THANKS!), beginning with Sections 1 (Introduction) and 3 (Configuration). This page keeps track of the completed Sections by language.

HELP: MX Menu Editor

This application is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Start by clicking on one of the categories in the left pane to reveal the applications listed inside it.
  • Change existing information in the top right half of the screen.
  • Add an additional category for the menu entry in the middle of the left pane, where you can also change the icon for the menu entry.
  • In the lower right haf of the screen is the content of the actual desktop file from /usr/share/applications/


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