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HELP: MX Package Installer

MX Package Installer

This help is for the MX15/16/17 version of MX Package Installer.  The MX14 version maintains a version of "Popular Applications" tab as a standalone app.

It is listed in the Favorites of Whisker menu by default; but if that has been removed, click Start menu ≻ System ≻ MX Package installer and provide the root password.


Popular Applications

HELP: MX Check Apt GPG

When you see a public key error message, follow this procedure:
  • Click Start menu ≻ System ≻MX Check Apt GPG
  • A terminal screen will open: enter root’s password and click Return
  • If the program finds a key missing, it will ask you whether you want to install it.
  • Enter Y and it will search online sources and install the key.
  • Click any key to exit

Development history: Kmathern (Mepis), James Carr

HELP: MX Boot Repair


  • Boot to the LiveMedium and click Start Menu ≻ System ≻ MX Boot Repair and select the appropriate option.
  • GRUB
    • Reinstall a new bootloader. (UEFI support except in MX14)
    • Repair the bootloader by regenerating the GRUB configuration file (grub.cfg). This is the most common use of this application, turned to when it is not possible to boot into any partition where the user could run:

HELP: MX Apt-notifier

In MX-15 and earlier, this applet is a yellow box that adds a green arrow when updates are available; in MX-16 the applet is a box in white outline that turns green instead. A third option was added for MX-17 called pulse, with green indicating no updates.
When the green appears, there two ways to proceed. NOTE: We follow here the default setup when upgrades are available, but the actions triggered by left- or right-clicking the mouse can be reversed in Preferences.


HELP: Disk Manager

General caution

  • Because Disk Manager writes directly to a critical system configuration file, make sure all the right boxes are checked and all the right settings are applied before you exit. If you have questions about how to proceed, post over on the MX Forum.
  • DM is intended for use on local partitions only. If you have remote partitions listed in fstab, they will be ignored or possibly even destroyed, so check fstab before rebooting.

Menu bar

  • File
    • Save: saves the current settings.


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