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Boot flag not being set when installing to existing partitions

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When performing an installation to existing partitions, and starting from a blank hard disk where no prior partition has been set as bootable, the installer does not mark any partition as bootable and this results in some machines failing to boot. A similar experience was found when post installation, the fresh GRUB was not seen if it was installed to a location other than a partition with the boot flag set in a multi-boot setup.

HELP: Montage de iDevice


Jusqu’à la série d’iPhone 4, MX Linux est capable de monter un iPhone dans Thunar et d’afficher son contenu pour le manipuler. Depuis iOS 5.0, les iPhones ne permettent pas à une installation Linux d’être reconnue comme “connexion de confiance.”
Il existe actuellement 3 projets qui tentent de se connecter aux iPhones & iPads ce qui peut prêter à confusion. Deux d’entre eux ajoutent des icones dans le volet de gauche de Thunar quand vous connectez votre appareil.

High Resolution Displays


On higher resolution displays the default font settings are usually too small for comfortable reading. In addition some application specific elements are also small. This article details steps that can be taken to enlarge fonts and some application elements to accommodate higher resolution displays.

Fonts General

1. In Settings Manager under Appearance and the Fonts tab, increase the DPI. You may also adjust font sizes to complement this setting.

Repos - MX-17

Validity: MX-17 final

Default repositories

Sources of software packages are listed in files contained in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/. Note that users may see minor changes due to localization (e.g., instead of or choice of mirror.


# Use with Debian Stable/stretch repositories. Set as default for antiX-17. Note new repos


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