MX 17


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for any weblink except possibly the manual, use the regular web browser instead of mx-viewer.

FIX: Paul.. made changed all mx-viewer calls except mx-manual, to std web browser calls in mx-welcome app



see the videos link for code example.

Live bootloader

Live boot screen: "Press F1 for Help" cant be localized. Maybe instead: "F1 = Help" (understood by almost everybody?). The use of that font (which I like very much) looks very muddy--Roboto-Light is working for the conkies.

lightdm login screen

the login box looks much better with the face enabled, as we have noted during earlier testing: line 11 in /etc/lightdm/mx17/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf has to read


Also: we will need to set location/look/etc pretty soon for the Final wallpaper--lower right doesn't work, maybe centered below?


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