MX 17

Art volunteers

Wallpaper details and how to submit:

1. WP picture size: 1920 x 1200

2. file size per WP submitted: between 400kB to 1.5 MB.
(applicable only to uploads to the MX Community Wallpaper pages)

In the past we have had submissions that were either too (physically) small or too low quality to be considered. If the actual file size is larger than that, please reduce the file size for the upload, but keep the original high-quality file. If the WP is selected, you can forward the original to us.

3a. Forum upload site:

HELP: MX Tweak

MX Tweak brings together a number of small but often used customizations. Related settings applications native to Xfce are presented below for the user's convenience.

On this page:

HP spectre x360 , no sound

This machine has a bug in the bios, that has been solved with a workaround that I posted here from the HP thread:

OP tested the solution and found that it worked for him. If the kernel selected for MX-17 has not incorporated that, I would like to see us consider adding it as other major distros (Mint, Fedora) have. as long as it's not a crazy amount of work.


Occasionally users report an old problem with tumblerd taking up[ all system resources, especially when videos are present, and slowing the system to a crawl with possible serious consequences. A short script was posted in the Arch Wiki (text below), and I would like to see us evaluate including that with future releases.



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