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BitJam’s programs list

Some of the other programs BitJam has written but don’t have a home:

  • localize-repo localizes antiX/MX and Debian repos based on time-zone.
  • make-xorg-conf creates an xorg.conf file for the live system if it is needed.
  • splash-term set the console background from the command line.
  • all-splash update the background image on all opened consoles. Typically called from etc/rc.local.
  • live-to-installed does the opposite/inverse of installed-to-live. Does almost all of the little fiddly stuff to convert a live system into an installed system. Called by both the antiX installers. This program may not be needed for MX.
  • fancy-prompts.bash makes it very easy to have customizable Bash prompts.
  • fancy-prompts.zsh same thing but for Zsh instead of Bash.
    conky-colors set the color scheme for the antiX default conky system monitor.
  • splash-select semi-graphical interface to select the console background.
  • make-menus a tool for making the root desktop menus for a variety of window managers and it also handles the translation of those menus.
  • toram-eject offer to eject the LiveCD if “toram” has been used.
  • urxvt-style make it very easy to customize the urxvt terminal emulator.
  • alsa-set-default-card the sound card script. It relies on the libraries used for the persist scripts.

These are other programs that live inside of the Live-initrd:

  • init this is the first thing that runs via the Linux kernel on the live system. it is responsible for booting the live system and doing some of the fancy stuff we do like persistence and frugal installs and the back end of remastering. This is probably my primary contribution.
  • non-live-cmdline Used by the installers. Returns a list of boot parameters from /proc/cmdline that are not used exclusively by the live system. Ideally, all of the boot parameters it returns should be used in the default entry in the installed bootloader.
  • live-umount takes care of shutting down the live system.
  • gfxsave Implements the F8-Save option in the bootloader menu on LiveUSBs.

These are live init.d scripts that are now run from within the initrd:

  • live-L10n Update the hostname, console fonts, console key map on each live boot (if needed).
  • live-disable-servicesDisable some services during the live boot. This is now controlled by the “disable_srv=xxx” boot code. The boot code used to be “antiX=xxx”
  • live-init Does the brunt of the live system customization at boot. Sets the language; sets the X keyboard; sets the hardware clock to localtime or UTC; sets the DPI for SLiM and for LightDM; loads or detects the video driver; populates the home directory of the default user (usually “demo”) if it is empty; select which icon-manager and window manger to use; select whether to use a light or dark theme in the window managers, creates fstab and enables hotplugging (but no hotplugging in MX); localize the repos based on time-zone (can be overridden by the “mirror=xx” cheat).
  • live-restore-services restore service links before boot is completed. Typically called from /etc/rc.local
  • live-static-shutdown deletes some files when shutting down a system with static root persistence.
  • live-usb-save controls saving state on the LiveUSB between reboots even if persistence is not enabled.
  • persist-autosave runs a persist-save during shutdown if persist-save was not automatically called while shutting down the window manager. We also do an early persist-save during startup if the passwords got updated and/or to save the the way persist-save gets runs (automatic, semi-automatic, or manual).
  • persist-password forces the user to update the root and “demo” user passwords on the first boot with any form of root persistence enabled.

BitJam is also responsible for the version of the busybox program that is used in the live initrd. He used the buildroot system for creating a busybox based on uClibc instead of the glibc that is used in Debian and most distros.

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