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Dave’s programs list

List of applications from Dave, will be updated to chart in future once listed most items and updated for common source location.

  • antiX v15: add-desktopadd .desktop files to menu, personal, and desktop (spacefm via ~/Desktop)
  • antiX v15: add-key add / remove keys from the keys files of various wms. github
  • antiX v15: add-start add / remove items to the startup of various wms github
  • antiX v15: antiX-FileManager.shStart file manager specific to desktop session or specification (superseded by desktop-defaults-run)
  • antiX v15: antix-system.shChange locale, hostname, basic disk management, repair grub. (needs rewrite as quite dated)
  • antiX v15: desktop-defaults-run run default programs to be used in wm configuarions and antix programs to allow easy change of common programs (email, browser, terminal, fm, etc.
  • \
  • antiX v15: desktop-defaults-set set default programs for desktop-defaults-run and basic mime-info editing for setting
  • antiX v15: desktop-menuupdated menu building script, the application / personal menu using xdg compliant rules. Auto detects window manager and uses templates for building. Uses gtk for icons, or icon file specified
  • antiX v15: desktop-menu-placesSmall script started to make a places menu, for later use
  • antiX v15: desktop-sessionBuilt with BitJam, handles session building / stopping for toggling to alternate window managers, starting “session” programs (conky, icon managers, etc), adding xdg compliance (xdg dirs, session variables, autostart ), basic power management (only screen blanking atm), session notifications, monitering of updated configuration files globally vs user’s home. Various libs in /usr/local/lib/desktop-session/
  • antiX v15: desktop-session-exitBackend exit script to logout, shutdown, restart, restart session, hibernate, suspend, etc… when started with no options desktop-session-exit starts /usr/local/lib/desktop-session/ as a gui frontend
  • antiX v15: desktop-session-wallpaperbackend for setting wallpaper appropriately for the session being started ( rox, space, color, fehbg, timed wallpaper, random wallpaper, etc) based on settings in ~/.desktop-session/wallpaper.conf
  • antiX v15: diskusageshow brief discription of folders in / and their current disk usage count
  • antiX v15: group-management / GM-setfrontend and backend to manage groups and memberships
  • antiX v15: inxi-guiGui frontend for inxi to retrieve system information from inxi without needing to “know” the terminal
  • antiX v15: remove-desktopremove .desktop files from the applications menu, personal menu, and desktop (spacefm via ~/Desktop)
  • antiX v15: search-and-replace.pysearch for a line containing string and insert / exchange a new line
  • antiX v15: set-screen-blank turn screen blanking on and off as well as set the amount of time before the screen blanks
  • antiX v15: user-management / UM-setfrontend and backend to manage user accounts and memberships
  • antiX v15: usb-tray manage mount / unmount of disks and shares. Open and close file manager from tray app. github
  • antiX v15: Gui frontend for configuring ~/.desktop-session/wallpaper.conf|wallpaper-list.conf and invokes wallpaper backend (desktop-session-wallpaper) to make the changes set in the configuration file

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