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In-house applications with available source

This page serves to keep track of MX and antiX development details. It includes user and system applications whose source is publically available. See also here and here.

Application Code GUI Source MX antiX Comment

I. User applications

Codecs Adrian Adrian yes no  
User Manager Adrian Adrian yes no  
Package Installer Adrian Adrian yes no antiX: see metapackage-installer
Flash Manager Adrian Adrian yes no  
Check Apt GPG Kent N/A yes no  
Sound  Card BitJam BitJam N/A yes yes antiX uses different GUI
Find Network Shares Richard Rost Adrian yes yes antiX includes findshares as a cli utility
Switch User anticapitalista anticapitalista yes no  
Boot Repair Adrian Adrian yes no  
Persistence/Remaster BitJam BitJam   yes yes antiX uses different GUI
Save System to ISO   Adrian yes yes antiX uses different GUI
Create Live USB lagopus Dave   yes yes antiX uses different GUI
Apt-Notifier Kent Kent yes no  
Menu Editor Adrian Adrian yes no  


II. System applications

Most, but not all of the source code written by BitJam for MX/antiX is up on Github. in the following repos.

  • Live-initrd contains the source code that goes into the Live initrd. It gets translation stuff added by scripts in the Translation repo (which is not entirely up to date). We moved a lot of code into the live-initrd this round. Almost all of the /etc/init.d/antiX-* scripts were move into the initrd for technical reasons. The antiX- has been changed to live-.
  • Xlated-initrd is the same as Live-initrd but it has the translation stuff added.
  • antiX-Gfxboot contains the source code for the antiX and the MX Live bootloaders.
  • Xtra-files is used for development. It is not the place to get source code.
  • Persist-Scripts contains the source for: live-remaster, persist-config, persist-enabled, persist-makefs, and persist-save. It also contains the Bash libraries they use and the exclude files they use.
  • Installed-to-live is not ready yet. It will contain a script and files for making an installed system look like a Live system for snapshots and for live-remaster.
  • Build-iso contains the build-iso script and support scripts for creating the production iso files.
  • Make-fstab contains the make-fstab script which is used for making the fstab file on every live boot and to do hotplugging (in antiX but not MX). it also creates the fstab for installed systems.
  • Iso-snapshot is not currently active.
  • Translations Contains a bunch of scripts for dealing with translation inside of the initrd. It’s main task now is converting Live-initrd to Xlated-initrd.
  • Search-Bar Contains the source for the search-bar app, the search-bar-icon system tray app and a bunch of little scripts for doing Internet searches from the command line.

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Submitted by Jerry3904 on Mon, 05/25/2015

This is just a first attempt to establish the idea; I am sure there are omissions and errors that need to be corrected. I don’t have many of the antiX items on there, and rely on others to fill those in.

Submitted by dolphin_oracle on Wed, 05/27/2015

edited to include info on findshares cli utility in antiX.

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Changed the column “contact” to “source” so we know where to find the package.

BitJam’s stuff
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Added code in Git written by BitJam. Are the terms “User applications” and “System applications” correct?

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