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Automount usb sticks and cd/dvd discs in antiX

There are a couple of ways to achieve automounting of usb sticks and cd/dvd discs in antiX.  The easiest was is to use the spacefm desktop and/or spacefm in daemon mode.

However, there is another low resource utility that can help with this problem, and its useable even in a console.

The utility is called devmon, and its available in default installs of antiX-15.

By default, issuing just




will start a daemon that will monitor events and then use udevil to mount a drive/disc at /media/mountpoint.  

If you would like a file browser window to open automatically upon a successful mount, this command, placed in your choice of startup locations, will mount your usb sticks and cd/dvd discs and then open the default file browser as defined in the antiX Control Center>Preffered Applications app.


devmon –exec-on-drive “desktop-defaults-run -fm %d” –exec-on-disc “desktop-defaults-run -fm %d” &


check out “man devmon” and “man udevil” for more info!

note:  if you want rox-filer’s unmount command to work with devices mounted with udevil/devmon, go into the rox-filer preferences and the “Action Windows” tab and change the mount and unmount options to “udevil mount” and “udevil umount” respectively.  spacefm in antiX-15 already works this way by default.

1 thought on “Automount usb sticks and cd/dvd discs in antiX”

  1. What is your trick for mounting partitions, say, ext4 and ntfs, resident on a hard disk drive at start up?

    You mentioned that you had a trick in one of your videos.

    What I’d like to achieve:

    + An icon on the ROX pinboard / desktop for each partition mounted automagically

    Short of that, I would like to achieve what they do in Puppy:

    + An icon on the ROX pinboard / desktop for each partition that can be mounted by a one click run action with ROX


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